Archive  2 October 2009

Flavours of Chaos

A look into the flavour and background of Chaos Marauders

Archive  1 October 2009 | A Game of Thrones LCG

Secrets in the Shadows

The Latest Chapter Pack for A Game of Thrones LCG is Now Available

Archive  1 October 2009

'ere We Gooooo!

Chaos Marauders is now on sale!

30 September 2009 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Vital Intelligence

The tutorial video for Warhammer: Invasion is now on the support page!

Archive  30 September 2009 | Dark Heresy

A Daemonhost Arises

A Look at Creating an Enemy from The Radical's Handbook

29 September 2009 | Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

The Bad, The Worse, and the Ugly

A look at handling enemies & adversaries in WFRP

29 September 2009 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Tooth and Claw

Announcing the next battle pack for Warhammer: Invasion!

Archive  28 September 2009

Damsel in Distress

A session report from summer's hottest release: the Kingsburg Expansion!

25 September 2009 | Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Meet Gurni Thorgrimson

A Step-by-Step Example of the WFRP Character Creation Process

Archive  24 September 2009 | Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG

Shadows Within Dreams

The Anima: Beyond Fantasy Game Master's Toolkit is Now Available

Archive  24 September 2009 | Rogue Trader

Prepare Your Crew

Rogue Trader will ship to distributors next week!

Archive  24 September 2009 | Dark Heresy

Radical Inclinations

A Radical's Handbook preview and Dark Heresy Art Discussion

Archive  23 September 2009

Magic and Mystery Await...

Announcing the upcoming release of Jarvis: The Sorcerer's Apprentice!

23 September 2009

Get Your League in Gear

League Kits Are Now Available on the FFG B2B Site

22 September 2009 | Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Cultural Puzzle Pieces

How the Four Character Races in WFRP Fit Together