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Warhammer: Invasion

The Old World, a land of immense kingdoms, epic quests, and fierce battles, seethes with ancient rivalries. Bitter enemies face off against one another on blood-soaked fields of battle, as each race seeks to rise to dominance of the Old World. The clanging of sword against axe, an all-too-common sound, barely drowns out the anguished wailing of the suffering masses. Massive Iron-clad Orcs rage war against everyone, including themselves. Dwarfs wield massive hammers against the foul spawn of Chaos. The Empire engineers calculate building walls and fortifications to repel invaders, and the armies of Chaos pour forth from the Northern wastes to wreck ruin on all.


Set in Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy Battle universe, Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, designed by the award-winning Eric M. Lang, is a battle in which two players muster their forces, collect vast resources, venture out on perilous – but rewarding – quests, build and develop their kingdom, and lead massive sieges against heavily fortified foes. Every race features its own flavour and proficiencies. Dwarfs are the masters of armour and can withstand mighty blows that would kill any other creature. Orcs spread their love of battle far and wide, and are capable of dealing massive damage and destruction on a scale nigh unimaginable. The Empire is well organized and swiftly develops and moves their forces about with surgical precision. Chaos strikes insidiously at the delicate underbelly corrupting, and eventually destroying, all who it targets with lies of power and strength. Every faction must not only wage war with its foes, but also must manage and build up their kingdoms if they hope to win.

At the centre of your empire is your Capital. This mighty fortress, represented by your Capital Board, is where you determine the fate of your troops and buildings. Divided into three zones, Battlefield, Quest, and Kingdom, the Capital represents the focal point of your realm. The Kingdom zone determines how many resources are funnelled into your coffers. Each point of power here will be turned into profit, allowing you to bring forth mightier units and buildings. The Quest zone provides new cards. The total power channelled here will determine how many cards you may draw each turn. Take care, as you have a finite number of cards in your deck. The Battlefield is the zone from which you launch mighty attacks. Each point of power will allow you to deal damage to opposing units and Capitals, while defending your own holdings.

As each of these zones is vital, you must decide where your attentions are most beneficial. Do you put an emphasis on resources, allowing you to out build your foe and bring more forces to bear? Do you send your units on quests and outdraw your opponent? Do you summon forth your mightiest warriors and engines of war to dominate your rival on the fields of battle? These decisions will determine the fate of your empire; balance them wisely and you will reign supreme. As each faction, or blend of factions, has scores of powerful strategies, it will take a clever leader to discover all of them!

Each war begins with the creation of your empire. Your Capital is erected and forces and buildings begin to flow into your realm. Units and Support cards are summoned into service in one of your three zones, providing you benefits you must capitalize on. Tactic cards will allow you to get the jump on your foes, and may well turn the tide of battle. Quest cards will provide your units new options, and can bring powerful rewards into your employ. Each card you draw may be used to further develop your nation, or placed within one of your zones. Developments will unlock key abilities on certain cards, and will increase the damage capacity of your Capital.

Support Cards represent the weapons, artefacts, and buildings that make your empire great. The Empire, with its multitudinous religions, has a number of temples and shrines. These buildings allow you to move units to different zones, prevent your opponent from targeting your units, and even help you rapidly develop your zones. The Orcs mob up at Grimgor’s Camp, which reduces the cost of the first unit brought into a zone each turn. The Dwarfs, masters of craftsmanship, are able to repair their Capital by building the Keystone Forge. Dedicated to disease, the Shrine to Nurgle forces damaged units to become corrupted after combat. To further help these aspiring nations, there are a number of Neutral buildings that can bolster the abilities of any faction. The Contested Stronghold provides power for each development in its zone. For the faction that has developed their Capital, this building can be an amazing resource.

Tactic Cards represent manoeuvres, spells, and other unexpected actions, and are played directly from your hand, often producing a devastating and unwelcome surprise for your opponent. The WAAAGH! cannot be predicted and can unleash massive amounts of damage to an unprepared foe. Demolition! provides the Dwarfs a way to remove pesky Support cards or developments, and can swing the balance of power in an instant. Innovation is a Neutral tactic that provides resources based on the number of developments in your Kingdom zone, which can provide a huge income bonus for the development-minded ruler.

Quests represent the various missions that units can be sent on. Only playable in your Quest zone, these cards provide a benefit after a unit has spent time there. The Chaos Quest, Journey to the Gate, represents a young warrior travelling to the frozen climes at the north of the world to gain strength from the Ruinous Powers. Once completed, this quest forces your opponent to discard their hand! The Dwarfs have a history based on the honouring of traditions and respect for elders. Any dwarf foolish enough to sully their good name, by act of malice or mistake, must take up the Slayer Oath. This oath sends them forth to battle horrible monsters, in an attempt to die honourably in battle. The Glorious Death quest, once completed, allows the Dwarfs to destroy up to two attacking units!

First you must collect that which is your due. Resources are counted up, cards are drawn, troops are purchased, and buildings are constructed. Once you have amassed your army and built up your empire, blood must be spilled. Any unit in your Battlefield may be sent forth against the enemy Capital. Once combat is joined, your pathetic foe must try and defend against your onslaught. Every point of damage must be distributed amongst the defenders, but any that spills over goes straight into the heart of your foe’s Capital. As each section becomes more and more battered, your opponent must scramble to prevent it from being wrecked entirely. For once you have destroyed two of your opponent’s zones, they are eliminated entirely.

Warhammer: Invasion is fast paced, and will push you to the edge as you rapidly build your army, develop your Kingdom, and lay waste to your foes. Perilous quests, underhanded trickery, and raw power can all be found within. Each race has much to gain, and will only be sated when their empire controls all the lands. No quarter will be given, and none will be asked for. This is Warhammer: Invasion!

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1 - 2 hours

2+ players

Ages 13+


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