Arkham Horror Toolkit

Experience Arkham Horror like never before!

The Arkham Horror Toolkit, available for iOS, offers a range of features designed to enhance Arkham Horror, Fantasy Flight Games’ classic cooperative board game of Lovecraftian terror. Let this intuitive app manage the bookkeeping, and you’ll find your struggles against ancient terrors more accessible than ever!

Your Favorite Characters

With the Investigators tool, all the information pertinent to your character is at your fingertips. Choose from any of the base game characters (or those from any expansions you’ve added), or let the Arkham Horror Toolkit select one randomly for you. Then, you can monitor and adjust important stats like Sanity, Stamina, Money, and Clue Tokens. What’s more, clue tokens used in the Dice Roller tool will automatically be deducted from your Investigator sheet.

Time for the upkeep phase? Alter any of your character’s skills by tapping the applicable skill slider and dragging it as you see fit. And by simply tapping your character’s portrait at any time, you can even access his starting location, possessions, and backstory!

Decide Your Fate

The Dice Roller lets you easily roll up to fifteen dice at a time; simply drag in the number of dice you desire, then shake! Any dice rolled will immediately be locked in place, and the Arkham Horror Toolkit will clearly display your successes along the top bar.

If for some reason you want to reroll, simply tap the unlock icon and try again. Want to spend clue tokens after your roll? Tap the clue token at the bottom of your screen, and you’ll be given an extra, unlocked die (an a clue token will be removed from your digital Investigator sheet). The Dice Roller tool can even be adjusted if you’ve been Blessed or Cursed!

Leave the Suffering to Us

The Arkham Horror Toolkit features a vast digital library of Location and Gate encounter cards that can be used to randomly resolve your encounters without having to shuffle. This makes the Location Deck tool perhaps the most time-saving feature of the Arkham Horror Toolkit, as it will conveniently randomize and reveal Location and Gate cards for all of Arkham’s many locales (or for those of any expansions you’ve downloaded).

Simply choose your location from the alphabetized list (or change the list to limit it to Other World locations of those of specific expansions), then keep your fingers crossed as the Arkham Horror Toolkit chooses a random result. Including its many expansions, Arkham Horror features hundreds of unique location cards... but with the Arkham Horror Toolkit, you’ll spend less time shuffling, and more time playing!

The Streets of Arkham Come Alive

Finally, the Map function brings the streets of Arkham right to your screen. Use the map as a convenient reference (and add other cities by downloading expansion content), or zoom in to a location and double tap to draw a random Location card!

With the Arkham Horror Toolkit, your struggle against ancient and unspeakable evil is more convenient than ever before. Download your copy at the iTunes app store today!

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