20 January 2011 | Event Center

The Iceman Go-eth

The winners of last weekend's Winter of Woe Warhammer tournament

With a great mix of armies and an impressive display of sportsmanship, last weekend’s Winter of Woe Warhammer Fantasy event at the FFG Event Center was a complete success. After 6 hours of melees, charges, and counter charges the winners emerged victorious!

Overall winner: Mike Gerold Mike brought a Brettonnian army, and won all three of his games, which, along with his good sportsmanship score, was enough to give him best overall. (Overall is a combination of best army score, and best sportsmanship.)

Best Commander winner: Chris Broska Chris brought an Ogre Kingdoms army, and won two out of three games. He picked up enough additional battle points to pull ahead.

Best Painted: Luke Thomsen Luke won best painted with his heavily converted Lizardman army, with slate bases and trees that made them look like they were in a ruined temple complex.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone to competed. Keep watching the Event Center website for the latest news and events!

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