Go Boom!

Learn More About the Incoming Age of Rebellion Engineer Sourcebook

Built to Spec

A Look at the Inner Workings of the Fully Operational Sourcebook


3 April 2017 | X-Wing

From One Chance to the Next

Guest Writer Bryan Young on Using X-Wing™ in His Age of Rebellion™ Campaign

Fully Operational

Announcing the Engineer Sourcebook for Age of Rebellion

26 September 2016 | Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

Thinking Like Thrawn

Guest Writer Bryan Young on Keeping Your Players Off-Balance

2 September 2016 | X-Wing

The Decoder

Guest Writer Bryan Young Makes Things a Little Complicated

29 August 2016 | X-Wing

A Villain for All Games

Guest Writer Bryan Young on Creating Memorable Star Wars™ Villains

Soldier On!

Forged in Battle Is Coming to Retailers Soon

Friends Like These

An Upcoming Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ Adventure

Fight in the Front Lines

The Specializations and Campaigns of Forged in Battle

24 June 2016 | X-Wing

We're Going in Full Throttle

Guest Writer Bryan Young on Blending X-Wing™ and Age of Rebellion™

Populate Your Galaxy

Find Creatures, Villains, and Allies in Three New Star Wars RPG Adversary Decks

Forged in Battle

Announcing an Age of Rebellion™ Sourcebook for Soldiers

Join the Top Ranks

Lead by Example Is Now Available

Grounds for Rebellion

Strongholds of Resistance Is Now Available

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