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The Engineer Sourcebook for Age of Rebellion Is Now Available

Fully Operational, the new Engineer sourcebook for Age of Rebellion, is on sale now at your local retailer and our online store! This 96-page resource adds three new playable species from across the galaxy and three new talent specializations geared toward designing, building, and destroying all of the incredible tools of warfare in the Star Wars™ universe.

Better Resistance Through Engineering

Whether serving as the valiant and heroic Player Characters or being cast as an NPC on a spectrum of trustworthiness, the new species options introduced in Fully Operational are a welcome addition to any campaign.

The renowned musicianship of the Bith is not unearned, but is also not the entirety of what they contribute to the galaxy. Heightened auditory perception is both useful and dangerous in a lifestyle of explosive ordnance and building-sized engines, but the Bith who side with the Rebellion endure such hazards to rid the galaxy of the Empire. Bith excel as Saboteurs and Sappers, where their natural cunning gives them an instinctual edge in some of the more clandestine opportunities for which those specializations are rewarded.

Kaminoans occupy a complicated place in the perception of the Rebellion. Scientifically, their mastery of medical science is hardly rivaled in the galaxy, while their ambitious pursuit of biomedical knowledge is quite controversial, and is viewed unsettling at best and blasphemous at worst. This curious detachment entertained by Kaminoans led to their being instrumental in developing the militarized cloning programs that directly enabled the Empire to subsume the Republic at first. An improved Intellect score makes Kaminoans suited for any Engineer role, and a free rank in the Medicine skill provides flexibility in aiding their comrades even in the absence of a dedicated medic.

Skakoans strike an unusual silhouette as their specialized full-body suits which provide the methane and atmospheric pressure their bodies need make them look like an odd amalgamation of droid and organic being. As their homeworld is environmentally inhospitable to nearly every other sentient species, and the reverse being true (hence the bulky suits), Skakoans are a notably rare sight in the galaxy. Like Kaminoans, the natives of Skako can occasionally have difficult relations with other communities due to the contributions of some of their number to the war between the Republic and Separatists.

A New Mechanical World

In a galaxy full of technological marvels, Engineers can often be the most overlooked members of any organization, even though many would say they are among the most important. Fully Operational brings three new specializations for fresh characters to make a place in their team or for existing ones to branch out into new focuses and utility.

The Droid Specialist delivers what it promises, a talent tree built around making droids shine. Whether it’s a swarm of repair drones in a hangar bay, a customized companion astromech, or even the Engineer character itself, Droid Specialists build, maintain, and optimize droids using whatever parts and tools can be bought or scrounged. Talents such as Desperate Repairs and Reroute processors not only keep droids in the fight, but can allow them to achieve surprising potential.

Sappers transcend the theoretical and thrive on the very practical application of explosions. Whether physically reshaping the natural geography of a battlefield to suit their needs or interacting with structures (both constructing and destructing), Sappers will find a way to sculpt their surroundings to suit the goals of their mission. The Weak Foundation talent provides a bonus to the damage rolls against fixed structures, while Improvised Position gives the Sapper a way to protect the group and their transportation from enemy fire.

Fully Operational also includes a comprehensive starship and vehicle construction system, and the Shipwright specialization is a perfect fit for the character who was born to be at the heart of these starships. Creative Design and Eye For Detail combine to make the Shipwright a master of construction, while Push the Specs gives their ship an active advantage while engaging in field operations.

Top of the Line

Additionally, Fully Operational introduces two new Signature Abilities for truly dedicated Engineers. Signature Abilities are available to Engineers who have progressed all the way to the end of their talent tree and grants exceptionally effective, though limited, capabilities.

The Harder They Fall allows Engineers to utilize their comprehensive knowledge of construction and engineering to bring about utter devastation. With a successful Mechanics check and a Destiny Point expense, all attacks the Engineer makes against structures, vehicles, and droids automatically generate a Critical Injury or Critical Hit. The weapon’s critical rating may be triggered as normal, providing the normal +10 bonus to the roll to determine the effect. Even the most hardened targets can find their vulnerabilities exposed as The Harder They Fall bypasses the Massive quality enjoyed by many of the capital ships brought to bear.

A quick-thinking and resourceful Engineer must always be ready with the correct tool at hand, or must be prepared to make whatever tool they have the right one. Unmatched Ingenuity provides the Engineer with the flexibility to tune their equipment in the field to respond to any wrench the Empire may throw in the plan. For two rounds (potentially four with purchased upgrades), the Engineer may add an item quality to a piece of equipment held or operated by the Engineer, including devices as large as starship weapons. By making speedy alterations to their tech, qualities such as Auto-fire, Blast, Pierce, or Vicious (Breach being the only restriction) can make their way into surprising places. Narratively, this can be done by disabling safety features, swapping in non-protocol components, or reprogramming energy routing systems.

Ready for Deployment

Fully Operational is your essential guide in building the best tools available for freeing the galaxy from the tyranny of the Empire. Packed with new character options, ships, equipment, rules for vehicle construction, and a guide for making engineering-focused campaigns exciting and engaging for the entire group, there's no more useful manual to the galaxy available.

Requisition Fully Operational (SWA47) now from your local retailer or online from Fantasy Flight Games!

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