Lead by Example

Announcing an Age of Rebellion™ Sourcebook for Commanders

28 September 2015 | Star Wars Roleplaying

Scars of War

Edge of the Empire™, Age of Rebellion™, and Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

22 September 2015 | Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

Outer Rim and Defiant Core

Preview the Rebel Bases of Strongholds of Resistance

10 September 2015 | Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

Free Worlds

Preview the Rebelling Worlds of Strongholds of Resistance

Win Over Hearts and Minds

Diplomat Specialization Decks Are Now Available

Your Mission Begins

Desperate Allies Is Now Available for Age of Rebellion™

Hard Knocks

Critical Injury and Critical Hit Decks Are Available Now

Flaunt Your Talent

Preview the Signature Abilities of Desperate Allies

New Tactics for Negotiation

A Designer Diary on the New Character Options in Desperate Allies

The Force Will Be With You

Celebrate May the 4th at the Fantasy Flight Games Center

Show Off Your Talents

New Ace Specialization Decks for Age of Rebellion Are Now Available

Strongholds of Resistance

Announcing an Alliance Worlds Sourcebook for Age of Rebellion

Desperate Allies

Announcing an Age of Rebellion Sourcebook for Diplomats

Cleared for Launch

The Stay on Target Ace Sourcebook Is Now Available

Gearing Up for a Fight

Preview the Vehicles and Beasts of Stay on Target

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