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Soldier Specialization and Signature Abilities Decks Are Available Now

Warriors of all species have united on worlds across the galaxy to battle the tyranny of the Empire. Though impossibly outnumbered, the bravery and resourcefulness of these driven Soldiers could turn them into figures of legend!

The Soldier Specialization and Signature Abilities Decks are on sale now! Introduced in Forged in Battle, the Soldier sourcebook for Star Wars™: Age of Rebellion, these three new Specializations offer increased flexibility and firepower for your campaigns, all of which are represented wonderfully in these high-quality card packs. Each card features full-color art that accompanies the name and rules text of every talent available in the particular Specialization tree for easy reference and organization.

Big Guns, Big Fight

Each 20-card deck includes every talent in the Specialization trees for the Soldier career found in Forged in Battle:

  • Heavy - Capable of wielding arms that other soldiers would struggle to even carry, the Heavy is the anchor of the battlefield. Putting a heavy cannon into their hands instead of on a tripod makes an impressive amount of firepower surprisingly mobile and such warriors can catch an unsuspecting enemy force completely by surprise. The multiple ranks of the Burly talent reduce the Cumbersome and Encumbrance ratings of the huge weapons that a Heavy is known for, putting them into hands instead of mechanical mountings. Rain of Death makes the Auto-fire feature found on many heavy weapons less risky to activate, and Heavy Hitter makes enemy vehicles and ships vulnerable from fire that might otherwise bounce off.
  • Trailblazer - Enemy territory is dangerous territory. Seasoned Trailblazers guide their squads through any terrain necessary to help their squad complete the mission. They can move unseen through the varied environments found throughout the galaxy, and are quite adept at getting their allies out of (or into) danger. The Expert Tracker and Outdoorsman talents combine to make the Trailblazer a master of hunting in the wilderness, while Ambush, Disorient, and Prey on the Weak enable them to bring swift and distant death to their targets from the protection of cover.
  • Vanguard - Like the name suggests, the Vanguard leads the charge against the enemy. Brave in the face of withering fire, Vanguards prefer to strike quickly and decisively before the enemy has a chance to respond. Their quick actions are effective at surprising the enemy and bolstering their allies. Vanguards are rewarded for acting as soon as possible in each combat round, as the Moving Target talent increases their ranged defense against every enemy that activates after them. Seize the Initiative may only be activated once per session, but allows the allies of the Vanguard the opportunity to take their turns immediately to put overwhelming pressure on the enemy. In order to help them ensure they are at the front of the order, Vanguards also have access to two ranks of Rapid Reaction to gain extra successes on the initiative check at the expense of strain.

In addition to a new deck for each Specialization tree, Soldiers of all specializations will want the Soldier Signature Abilities deck. Included in this deck is a card for both Signature Abilities introduced in Forged in Battle, as well as cards detailing the additional upgrades for those Abilities.

Unmatched Courage lets the soldier fight through the pain by ignoring the effects of Critical Injuries for a number of rounds. Upgrade options include Too Tough To Die, which allows the Soldier to make a Resilience check to simply remove one of the Critical Injuries, and Finish The Job which adds +2 damage to the Soldier’s attacks for each Critical Injury they currently have. Combined, these upgrades can turn a veteran Soldier into a powerhouse of unstoppable force.

The second Soldier Signature Ability is The Bigger They Are…. This Ability provides a significant benefit to the Soldier and their allies by allowing them to completely bypass the soak or armor rating of a target while using personal-scale weapons for a few rounds. Natively, the ability can only work on targets of silhouette 2 or smaller, though the two ranks of the Increase Silhouette upgrade can put vehicles the size of light freighters at risk. The Ongoing Salvo upgrade will also allow the Soldier to designate a new target for destruction if the first one falls during the window of the effect.

Save the Rebellion! Save the Dream!

These cards are a fantastic reference tool for players arming themselves for battle, but also provide a handy benefit to gamemasters who may want to use them to mix and match various unique talents and abilities to create custom and memorable enemies to set against bands of valiant Rebels.

The new Soldier Specialization and Signature Abilities decks are available at your local retailer and our online store today!

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