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Engineer Specialization and Signature Abilities Decks Are Now Available

Opposing the Galactic Empire is no easy task. With the manpower and machinery to wage perpetual war, and the will to commit the greatest of evils the galaxy has ever known, the Emperor and his zealots present a monolithic and seemingly invulnerable enemy. What the Empire enjoys in abundance the Rebellion must hunt and scavenge for. With such limited resources, whatever is for the Rebel Alliance built must be, at the very least, durable. What is repurposed must be flexible. Every Rebel understands that freedom will be paid for in lives, but that is a cost that can be managed. Whether protecting and sheltering their comrades or responding to the Empire’s war machine in kind, Engineers provide this necessary structure and backbone from which the Rebellion is built.

The Engineer Specialization and Signature Abilities Decks featuring the new talent trees and abilities introduced in Fully Operational are available for order now at your local retailer or online through our webstore:

These three new talent trees offer Engineers in Star Wars™: Age of Rebellion campaign new talents and tools to bring to bear in their struggle against the Empire. The cards in each deck are printed with gorgeous full color art, includes the rules text for each talent, and places all of your character’s abilities and bonuses at your fingertips for a quick and handy reference!

Every Tool Is a Weapon

Each 20-card deck includes every talent in the Specialization trees for the Engineer career found in Fully Operational:

  • Droid Specialist - Without the benefit of massive droid factories, the Droid Specialists of the Rebellion face a mountainous task. Droids are essential for countless support and combat tasks in wartime, but are often overlooked in the logistical structure.  While supplies are few, the need is great. Droid Specialists keep their droids repaired and serviced as much as possible, and can even be counted on to boost the performance of their robotic companions as the situation calls. Multiple ranks of Machine Mender and the activated talent Desperate Repairs keeps droids’ structure and strain in fighting shape, while Combat Programming and Reroute Processors lets the Droid Specialist push the capabilities of their droids to greater heights.
  • Sapper - Sappers are the ultimate masters of the physical space of the battlefield. Utilizing their skills with explosive ordnance to clear the way or their mastery of impromptu engineering to construct defenses, Sappers provide unrivalled utility to the Rebellion. The Improvised Defenses and Improvised Position talents allow the Sapper to quickly construct a protective environment for their squad, and can mean the difference between life and death for teammates. When on the offensive, Master Demolitionist increases the blast radius of explosives, while Weak Foundation can let the Sapper identify the perfect point of assault on a structure, improving all attacks made against it.
  • Shipwright - Much like a Droid Specialist’s resourcefulness may be the only thing keeping the droids functional, a Shipwright’s job is to construct and maintain the starships and vehicles that carry the brave soldiers of the Rebellion to battle. Their knowledge of vehicle construction, while leaning more toward the technical and theoretical, has a multitude of pragmatic uses. Dockyard Expertise reduces the time and credit cost of making repairs to a starship in a dry dock by a significant amount, while the multiple ranks of Creative Design allow the Shipwright to expand their use of the ship construction rules featured in Fully Operational. When needing to put their expertise to practical use, Shipwrights can utilize the Smart Handling talent to boost the maneuverability of the ship they are operating on coupled with Push The Specs to give the craft a burst of surprising speed!

In addition to the Engineer Specialization Decks from Fully Operational, the Engineer Signature Abilities Deck is also available to reward the most dedicated and innovative Engineers the Rebellion has to offer. This deck includes cards with the rules text for each Signature Ability as well as the corresponding upgrades for each. These Signature Abilities, while acquired and activated at significant cost, can swing the momentum of an encounter in appropriately Star Wars cinematic fashion.

The Harder They Fall brings even the mightiest of constructions low. With a successful Mechanics check, the Engineer gains crucial insight into the weaknesses of a vehicle, structure, or droid, and for the remainder of the encounter, all successful attacks the Engineer makes against the target automatically generate a Critical Injury or Critical Hit. These effects can quickly spiral into catastrophe for the target and victory for the Rebellion.

For the Engineer who craves utility over sheer destruction there is Unmatched Ingenuity. Nearly any item quality can be added to a weapon or piece of equipment the Engineer is using, making any tool the right tool for the job. After upgrading the ability, it can even be used to enhance the qualities the item already has, packing a bigger punch than ever before.

These new Specialization and Signature Ability decks are an essential part of your Star Wars Roleplaying Game collection by putting all the Abilities and Talents introduced in the Engineer sourcebook Fully Operational right in front of you. Get your decks today at your local retailer or our online store!

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