16 March 2016 | Organized Play

2016 Regional Championship Prizes

Discover What You Could Win!

15 March 2016 | Organized Play

The Next Step in Organized Play

The Shape of FFG Organized Play in 2017

4 March 2016 | Organized Play

Order Your Summer 2016 Tournament Kits Now

Build and Support Your Local Player Community

2 February 2016 | Organized Play

Order Spring 2016 Tournament Kits

Build and Support Your Local Player Community

22 January 2016 | Organized Play

2016 Organized Play

Exciting Details on What’s to Come for FFG Organized Play in 2016

18 January 2016 | Organized Play

Preparing for 2016

A Recap on FFG Organized Play for the New Year

13 January 2016 | Organized Play

Join the 2016 Regional Elite

Read more about the 2016 Regional Championships

21 December 2015 | Organized Play

A Step Forward

An Explanation of the New Round Structure for FFG Organized Play Games

16 October 2015 | Organized Play

A Fitting End

Updated FAQ and Tournament Rules are Now Available

2 October 2015 | Organized Play

Announcing 2016 Store Championships

Apply for Your Kit Today

21 September 2015 | World Championships

Compete for Glory and Riches

Announcing 2015 World Championship Prizes

13 August 2015 | World Championships

2015 World Championships Registration, Pt. 2

Everything You Need to Know for Aug. 17th

Take the Next Step

Updated FAQ and Tournament Rules Are Now Available

2015 Android: Netrunner North American Championship

A Full List of Prizes for Competitors

Download the New Code

New Android: Netrunner FAQ and Tournament Rules are Available

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