13 January 2016 | Organized Play

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The application window is now closed for the Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play 2016 Regional Championships.

Each Regional Championship is a major event in the Organized Play tournament calendar, and hosting one of these exclusive tournaments transforms your store into a hub of excitement for players throughout your region. You'll boost your local playgroup, enhance your reputation, and reward participants with custom prizes.

You can learn more about Regional Championships below.

What Is a Regional Championship?

What Prizes and Materials Come in the Kits?

How Many Regional Championships Will There Be?

How Can I Improve My Store's Application?

Are You a Player?

The Regional Championships application period isn't just an exciting time for retailers. It's also an exciting time for every committed player who wants to help grow his or her local community.

You can do your part by asking your favorite game store to apply to host Regional Championships for your favorite games. If you’re interested in taking a more active role in bringing Organized Play events to your store, here are some other ways you can promote Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play:

  • Encourage your friends to join you and play at your favorite local game store.
  • Ask your favorite local game store if you can post a sign-up sheet for upcoming events.
  • Check with your store to see if they are in need of a tournament organizer or judge.

Additionally, you can keep watch for our upcoming previews of the 2016 Regional Championship prizes and increase the buzz for these events by alerting your friends to the news of all the great, exclusive prizes they might win.

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