4 February 2021 | KeyForge

Forging Ahead

Announcement Regarding KeyForge Organized Play and World Championships


Hello, KeyForge players.

Last year was...unusual, to say the least. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone's lives, and unfortunately we are not out of the woods just yet. It's going to take a bit more time and a lot more patience before we get through this episode of history, which brings us to our announcement today.

As you all know, we on the Organized Play team believe that our first priority is the health and safety of all of our players followed by the safety of our staff. Because of this, we do not want to take any risks, regardless if they are related to the spread of COVID-19 or anything else. As the vaccine is being distributed, we wish to remain extra cautious, and so we have decided to delay the KeyForge World Championship until 2022.   

Now, we understand that this may be disappointing for those of you who were looking forward to flexing your competitive muscles this year. Fortunately, while the World Championship is delayed, we do still plan to have Organized Play take place this year. 

So does this mean no KeyForge events at all in 2021? 

Not quite! As we prepare for Worlds 2022, we plan to resume hosting other large-scale events—such as Vault Tours—near the end of this year and early into next. That way everyone can get back into the swing of attending tournaments and other KeyForge events before the World Championships arrive.  

Of course, keep in mind that all of this is dependent on the timely and widespread distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. If the state of the pandemic has not significantly improved by late summer, there is a good chance we will have to push off reopening KeyForge events until spring 2022. 

That said, if the pandemic is under control by that time, then you can expect to see KeyForge OP come back in full force before winter hits!

What about store level Organized Play?

At this time many of your stores should be receiving the last of the 2020 Organized Play kits and are welcome to use those kits as they are able.  

With the time that we have had to consider Organized Play in a socially distanced world, we have come up with some new plans regarding how our Organized Play kits are handled in your local stores. These new kits will provide more options on how to distribute the items within and will still allow for events in the case of stores who can safely host larger crowds. 

Plan to see these kits appear in stores later in 2021. We will provide more details as the release of these kits approaches.

I have an invite to the 2020 KeyForge World Championship. What happens with that?

If you earned an invitation for the 2020 KeyForge World Championship event that was canceled due to COVID-19, don’t worry—we plan to honor each and every invite at the 2022 KeyForge World Championship. Naturally, all invitations issued between now and the 2022 World Championship will be honored as well. 

It doesn’t matter if the pandemic situation does not improve and we are forced to push back the 2022 World Championship even further; whenever we end up having the next Worlds for KeyForge, your invitation will still be valid for it.  

Looking Forward to the Future 

We live in weird times, but rest assured we plan to have plenty of awesome Organized Play events in the future. With patience and perseverance, we will get through these tough times and, with a bit of luck, come back in full strength at the end of this year! 

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