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New Android: Netrunner FAQ and Tournament Rules are Available


Upgrades are essential for any program, whether it’s a pet project or an advanced piece of military-grade Ice. The more important your servers, the more important it is you stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Upgrade your programs by checking out the new FAQ (pdf, 2.4 MB) and tournament rules (pdf, 4.8 MB).


These changes will go into effect on July 29th, 2015.

A Word from the Developer

Hello Runners and Sysops!

Gen Con and National Championships are upon us and it is time for an update to the Android: Netrunner FAQ. A number of rules clarification entries have been made or added to, as well as a few new card clarifications.
Of note:

  • A card is only considered to have been advanced when the Corp has spent 1 click and 1 credit on the action of advancing it. Placing or moving advancement tokens to a card is not considered advancing the card.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all card abilities that do not specify the state of a card can only affect installed cards.
  • Faceup agendas are not rezzed or unrezzed.

Please read the full document for further clarifications.

Good luck to everyone playing in the upcoming tournaments!

Damon Stone
Lead Developer

A Word from Organized Play

We’ve made a few small changes to the tournament rules in order to clarify and provide more information for certain situations.

First, we have added a new section labeled “Tournament Software Strength of Schedule.” Before we started work on our tournament software, stores and tournament organizers were often forced to run tournaments by hand. While many TOs have the math skills to run large tournaments with complicated tiebreakers and pairings, the time this adds to a tournament is significant and detrimental to players’ experiences. This limited the rules governing pairings and tiebreakers for our games in the past, but tournament software opens the possibilities of new methods and we have taken advantage of them to improve our tournaments.

With our tournament software in the middle of its beta phase and seeing use out in the world, it’s become important to inform players of the new pairings and strength of schedule calculations in a wider manner. While not all players may participate in a tournament run with the software just yet, this addition will inform them of what will be a universal rule once it is released widely across the world.

In addition, we’ve added rules regarding tardiness to a match. While many TOs already enforce tardiness, now there is a consistent ruling for them to follow.

Finally, we’ve officially stated that the higher ranked player in the first round of double elimination rounds may look at what identities his or her opponent is playing before making a choice on which side to play. While we’ve run Worlds and other tournaments in this manner in the past, we realized it was not stated in a public forum for all tournaments to follow.

We look forward to hearing your stories as we head into National Championship season!

Don’t let your programs become second-rate! Check out the new FAQ and tournament rules, and be ready for the next run on your servers.

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