Archive  11 February 2010 | Talisman

Scale the Mountain's Peak

Announcing The Highland, the latest expansion for Talisman

Archive  17 November 2009 | Talisman

Quest with Confidence

The FAQ for Talisman is now on the support page

Archive  4 November 2009 | Talisman

More Ways to Win

Bonus Alternative Ending Cards are on the Talisman support page!

Archive  29 October 2009 | Talisman

Mountains of Ice Dominate the Horizon

The Frostmarch, the exciting expansion for Talisman, is now on sale!

Archive  28 October 2009 | Talisman

Take Your Game to the Next Level

The Talisman Upgrade Pack is now back in stock!

Archive  23 October 2009 | Talisman

New Alternatives

The third preview for Talisman: The Frostmarch

Archive  16 October 2009 | Talisman

The Warlock Awaits...

The second preview for Talisman: The Frostmarch

Archive  8 October 2009 | Talisman

Heroes of All Sizes

The first preview for The Frostmarch, the upcoming expansion for Talisman

Archive  3 September 2009 | Talisman

The Icy Touch

FFG is proud to announce Talisman: The Frostmarch!

Archive  6 August 2009 | Talisman

Something New

An interview with the founder of!

Archive  21 April 2009 | Talisman

The Doorway Stands Open Before You

Talisman: The Dungeon is now on sale!

Archive  16 April 2009 | Talisman

Light Your Torches

Rules for Talisman: The Dungeon

Archive  10 April 2009 | Talisman

Going Further Into The Darkness

The next preview for Talisman: The Dungeon.

Archive  3 April 2009 | Talisman

What Lies Beneath...

The next look at the upcoming Talisman: The Dungeon expansion.

Archive  27 March 2009 | Talisman

Digging Deeper

The second preview of the upcoming Talisman: The Dungeon.

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