Archive  18 December 2012 | Talisman

Talisman Prologue Is Now Available for Download

Play the Game of Magical Quests on Your PC

Archive  5 November 2012 | Talisman

Talisman Prologue is Coming Soon

Nomad Games Brings Magical Quests to PC and Mobile Devices

Archive  8 October 2012 | Talisman

The City

Announcing an Upcoming Expansion for Talisman

Archive  17 May 2012 | Talisman

Night of The Blood Moon

The Expansion of Gothic Horror Is Now Available for Talisman!

Archive  26 April 2012 | Talisman

Children of the Night

Rules for Talisman: The Blood Moon are now online

Archive  20 April 2012 | Talisman


A preview of two characters from The Blood Moon expansion for Talisman

Archive  13 April 2012 | Talisman

Day Dreams and Night Terrors

A look at the passage of time in Talisman: The Blood Moon

Archive  7 April 2012 | Talisman

Stalking His Prey

The Blood Moon's Werewolf prowls the realm of Talisman

Archive  2 March 2012 | Talisman

A Pale Glow Engulfs the Land...

Announcing The Blood Moon, an upcoming expansion for Talisman

Archive  6 December 2011 | Talisman

Guidance on Your Quest

The updated FAQ for Talisman is now available

Archive  16 September 2011 | Talisman

Dragons Invade the Realm

The Dragon expansion for Talisman is now on sale!

Archive  30 August 2011 | Talisman

The Dragon, The Dungeon, The Highland, and You

An overview of three Talisman expansions

Archive  15 August 2011 | Talisman

Discover the Trials Before You

Rules for Talisman: The Dragon are now online

Archive  29 July 2011 | Talisman

They Will Sing Our Legends

A preview of two characters from the upcoming Talisman expansion, The Dragon

Archive  18 July 2011 | Talisman

Choose Your Approach to the Dragon King

Preview the new dual-sided Inner Region overlay from Talisman: The Dragon

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