27 June 2016 | World Championships

FFG’s 2016 World Championships

Join us November 2nd-6th in Roseville, MN

3 June 2016 | World Championships

2016 World Championships Registration Primer

Everything You Need to Know About Upcoming Registration

Battle of the Trident

Influence the Fate of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

21 April 2016 | Organized Play

Regional Championships: Apply by May 17th

Now Accepting Applications for Four of Our Games

Order Store Championship Kits by May 17th

Announcing Store Championships for Three of Our Games

18 April 2016 | Organized Play

What is a Tournament?

An Organized Play-by-Play on OP Fundamentals

18 April 2016 | Organized Play

The Championship Series

An Organized Play-by-Play on the Competitive Tournament Structure

18 April 2016 | Organized Play

Intentional Draws

An Organized Play-by-Play on Intentional Draws

18 April 2016 | Organized Play

Organized Play-by-Play

Introducing a Series of Articles Detailing Aspects of Organized Play

16 March 2016 | Organized Play

2016 Regional Championship Prizes

Discover What You Could Win!

15 March 2016 | Organized Play

The Next Step in Organized Play

The Shape of FFG Organized Play in 2017

4 March 2016 | Organized Play

Order Your Summer 2016 Tournament Kits Now

Build and Support Your Local Player Community

2 February 2016 | Organized Play

Order Spring 2016 Tournament Kits

Build and Support Your Local Player Community

22 January 2016 | Organized Play

2016 Organized Play

Exciting Details on What’s to Come for FFG Organized Play in 2016

18 January 2016 | Organized Play

Preparing for 2016

A Recap on FFG Organized Play for the New Year

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