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See the European and North American Championship Prizes for Imperial Assault

"I was a coward. But now I know there is something strong than fear. Far stronger: the Force. Let me show you how strong it is."
     –Kanan Jarrus, Star Wars Rebels

Courage isn't the lack of fear; it's the strength to stand and fight—despite your fears.

Courage steadies you when you peer from your hiding spot and spy an Imperial walker headed toward you through the Mos Eisley back alleys. Courage spurs you forward, even while blaster fire erupts all about you. Courage sets aside your self-interest when you know that if you can hold your enemies at bay for just one moment longer, your allies will strike a winning blow for galactic freedom. And courage is what holds you in place even as you see the red lightsaber erupt from the darkness before you…

Courage also plays a vital role in the skirmishes of Imperial Assault. In every game, there comes a point at which you must act boldly—when you realize that you'll expose your figure to enemy fire, but that it's the only way to secure several valuable objective points. Or when you realize that you won't be able to bait your trap unless your bait is sufficiently impressive—and you take the risk anyway.

The skirmishes of Imperial Assault are tense, fast-paced affairs, and every activation matters. You need to take risks to win, and that means you need courage. And, of course, when you attend a major event like the 2018 European or North American Championships, you'll want the Force as your ally—especially when there are so many cool prizes at stake!


Whether you attend the European Championships at Gen Con Indy or the North American Championships at Gen Con Indy, your Imperial Assault strike team is bound to face plenty of danger throughout the tournament. Accordingly, you'll be happy for the guidance and calm provided by Kanan Jarrus, who arrives with alternate art on the deployment card awarded to each and every participant at these top-level events.

Day 2

While your team finds itself surrounded by blaster fire and lightsaber duels, it's hard for team members to leave the fray to hold down nearby terminals. Still, the information these members can claim—in the form of extra command card draw—may very well decide the battle.

Accordingly, each player who makes the cut for Day 2 will claim a set of five acrylic terminal tokens.

With black print atop a mirrored silver acrylic surface, these stylish tokens add extra incentive to seize command of your game's terminals—and that daring step may just see you to victory!

Top 64

Since the release of the Heart of the Empire campaign expansion, the Empire's Riot Troopers have been running amok with their shields and stun batons, providing an effective counter to Rebel and mercenary uprisings.

The Top 64 players at the 2018 Imperial Assault European and North American Championship tournaments will be able to bring these stalwart troopers into play with a double-sided and spot-glossed plastic deployment card.

With the standard Riot Trooper on one side and the elite Riot Trooper on the other, this deployment card allows you to bring just the right measure of hurt to would-be dissidents.

Top 32

Lead your strike team all the way to the Top 32, and you'll receive a commemorative binder that will stand testament to your performance even as it helps you sort and store all your standard-sized cards.

Proudly displaying either the European Championship or North American Championship logo atop a blue background layered with the appropriate flags, this binder holds nine standard-sized cards per page and up to 360 cards total. An elastic fastener wraps over the back to keep it shut securely.

Top 16

The Top 16 participants at the Imperial Assault European Championship and North American Championship will receive a medal bearing the event's logo.

Top 8

Throughout your battles, you may travel from the swamps of Nal Hutta to the Uscru Entertainment District. You may even find yourself dodging blaster fire in Mos Eisley's back alleys. But wherever you go, if you managed to land among the Top 8 players at either the 2018 Imperial Assault European or North American Championships, you will be able to frame your games atop a convenient and stylish two-player gamemat.

This Top 8 gamemat comes with plenty of room to assemble your tiles, while images of Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano suggest the conflicts to come as you lay out your deployment cards beside them.

Top 4

Given the myriad dangers awaiting them at the European and North American Championships, there can be little doubting the skills of the Top 4 players—and we'll hope to see them all competing for the game's top honors at the 2019 Star Wars: Imperial Assault World Championships!

For their efforts, each of these aces will earn a free event ticket for the 2019 Star Wars: Imperial Assault World Championships.


The Runners-Up at the European and North American Championships each earn a first-round bye in addition to their reserved seat and free event entry. More than this, each Runner-Up also walks away with a plaque commemorating his or her placement.


To find success in Imperial Assault, you must be courageous. You must take risks at times of tremendous peril. And, yet, to rise to the level of European or North American Champion, you'll need not only daring, but a fast, strategic mind and enough discernment amid the heat of battle to know how to prioritize your actions—both toward your larger goals and within every fluid, ever-changing moment.

Succeed and claim the title of European or North American Champion, and you won't just show that you knew how to win the battles you fought; you'll be demonstrating a larger sense of perspective as well—one in which your next step leads you toward the 2019 Imperial Assault World Championships!

In addition to everything else the 2018 Imperial Assault European and North American Champions will have won, they will each earn free airfare and lodging for the 2019 Imperial Asault World Championships. And to make sure they make the most of their momentum, each of these champions will earn a first-round Prize Bye.

Just as their victories in 2018 Imperial Assault European and North American Championships benefit their whole faction, the prizes the Champions win benefit more than one individual. These Champions also win a free event ticket for one guest each.

Assemble Your Team

The battles of Imperial Assault are full of action—and of danger. But there are powers greater than fear. Show your courage, and take part in the 2018 Imperial Assault European Championships at the UK Games Expo or the North American Championships at Gen Con Indy. The fate of the galaxy is at stake!

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