12 December 2008

War by Design

A preview of the upcoming Tide of Iron: Designer's Series

It was no small feat for this product to come to fruition. Compiler and developer Dana Lombardy could easily detail the pain and hardships of creating Tide of Iron: Designer Series. As the release of this book approaches, let me share with you why it is worth each and every drop of sweat.


ScenariosTide of Iron: Designer Series is a hard cover book containing 20 brand new scenarios designed by some of the best wargame designers of our time. This includes 12 scenarios that only require the base game of Tide of Iron, seven that require the Days of the Fox expansion, and one epic sized scenario that requires two copies of Tide of Iron.The Designer Series gave us the opportunity to create scenarios that we normally could not have included in Tide of Iron. For example, Dana Lombardy’s epic sized scenario simply required too much time to include in a standard rule book. Another example is John Hill’s “Night Drop” which needed additional space to list rules for an American paradrop, night visibility, and buildings that are on fire. Other niche scenarios such as my four player “Fire and Brimstone” (which is played over two separate maps), has finally found a home in the Designer Series.The designers did not hold back on their creativity or diversity. One of my personal favorites is Jason Matthew’s three player scenario which simulates an American rivalry while they try to over take a German position. The sheer variety of players requirements, size, and play time provides something for every Tide of Iron fan.Designer InsightIf you assumed that this book only contains scenarios, you would be dead wrong. Each scenario also includes 1-2 pages of insight written by the designer. Each of these articles started as a blank canvas and became whatever the designer envisioned for it. These exciting articles range from behind the scenes insights of scenario design to the designer’s personal story about how he got into board game design. Each article also includes extended historical background that sets the story for the scenario. In addition to these articles, the Designer Series also includes detailed bios of each designer. BonusAs if this was not enough, we have included the popular introductory “Operation Early Bird” scenarios. Although these scenarios were available online, they have proven themselves to be fantastic short learning scenarios.There is more than meets the eye in this indispensable companion for every Tide of Iron fan. Tide of Iron: Designer Series is 96 pages of wargaming bliss, insight and history that contains an exciting battle for every occasion!

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