25 February 2011 | Tide of Iron

The Fury Unleashed

Fury of the Bear, the latest expansion for Tide of Iron, is now available

The German advance into Soviet Russia has begun! Take up arms and defend the Motherland as the Soviet forces, or brave the frozen steppes as the German elite in the epic board game of squad-based WWII combat.

Fury of the Bear, the much-anticipated expansion for Tide of Iron, is now on sale! March on over to your local retailer or report to our webstore to pick up your copy today.

This exciting expansion introduces the Soviet forces to Tide of Iron, bringing an entirely new nation to the conflict. Packed with the most plastic from any previous Tide of Iron release, Fury of the Bear gives players the firepower they need to brave the icy tundras of the Eastern Front. With new combined strategy decks, rules for subversion, and all-new specialization types, Fury of the Bear is sure to expand your strategic options.

For more information on Fury of the Bear, be sure to check out the Tide of Iron support page to download the rules (pdf, 3.7 MB). Also, check out the previews for the armored vehicles found in Fury of the Bear and a look at the combined strategy deck.

The Germans are approaching fast, so head to your retailer and unleash the Fury of the Bear today!

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