24 August 2010 | Tide of Iron

Armored Fury

A look at the armored vehicles in Fury of the Bear

Tide of Iron fans rejoice! Fury of the Bear will unleash upon your tabletop the forces of the Soviet Union, as well as open the doors to a new theater of war. Things are heating up on the cold Eastern Front, and we would like to take this time to brief you on what to expect with Fury of the Bear.

This will be the first in a series of previews leading up to the release of Fury of the Bear. Today we’ll focus on the Red Army’s machines of war. To reflect the Soviet Union’s massive production of tanks during WWII, Fury of the Bear comes packed with the most armor of any previous Tide of Iron release!

First, we’ll look at the massive KV-1. This tank was known for its excellent armor protection, making it nearly immune to most mounted guns. In fact, the KV-1 was so notoriously defensive, the German Tiger I was produced as an answer to the Soviet’s superior armor. The KV-1 is comparable to the Tiger I in defense, but lacks the offensive power of its German successor. It is also a bit slower, making the KV-1 more effective as an antipersonnel weapon as opposed to a “tank killer”.

The Soviet SU-122, however, really shines in comparison to its German counterparts. As mobile as a half-track, this tank is dangerous from nearly anywhere on the map. It packs about as big a punch as the Panzer IV and can even take more of a beating. With it’s speed, protection, and reliable firepower, the SU-122 is a versatile offensive machine.

The Soviet’s T-34/76 is credited as one of the most efficient designs of World War II, making it one of the most-produced tanks of the war. While it’s firepower and armor are similar to the KV-1, what makes it shine is its speed. Technological advances at the time allowed the Soviets to effectively combine the power and toughness of their heavy tanks with the speed and agility of their light tanks. The end result is the T-34/76, a well-balanced beast of war.

In addition to tanks, the Soviet Union also has access to transports and half-tracks. Since the Soviets were allied with the American forces during this time, Fury of the Bear will include plastic transports and half-tracks in the Soviet Union’s color.

Check back next time when we take a closer look at the growing conflict on the Eastern Front!

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