15 February 2011 | Tide of Iron

Before the Invasion Begins

The rules for Fury of the Bear, a Tide of Iron expansion, are now online

The next expansion for Tide of Iron, the board game of Wold War II strategy, will be on sale soon. Fury of the Bear introduces the Soviet forces to the epic level combat of Tide of Iron, giving players many new options to recreate the historical battles of the Eastern Front.

To prepare for the invasion, be sure to read the Fury of the Bear rules (pdf, 3.7 MB), now available on the support page.

Fury of the Bear introduces the Soviet forces to Tide of Iron, expanding the theater of war to the Eastern Front. In addition, Fury of the Bear will also offer exciting new mechanics, such as a combined strategy deck, a system of counter intelligence known as subversion, and all-new specialization types, letting you experience Tide of Iron in all new ways.

For more information on Fury of the Bear, be sure to read our preview articles on the arsenal of armored vehicles as well as a closer look at the combined strategy deck.

Prepare yourself. The Motherland will need defense soon...

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