19 November 2008 | Tide of Iron

Waves of Steel

An Intro To Tide Of Iron

TIDE OF IRON places you in command of a division of fighting men and machines in the most important conflict in the world's history. Your brave soldiers will capture and hold objectives, lay down covering fire, and under your command they will emerge victorious ... you hope.

2-4 players on two teams. TIDE OF IRON includes American and German forces, and armies are divided into two divisions to support two players on a side.
TIDE OF IRON is a Scenario-based game, with the available forces, objectives, map, and victory conditions being set by each given scenario. The rulebook includes a variety of scenarios, and you can find more on this website, as well as create your own!
The twelve double-sided map tiles, plus the dozens of included terrain hexes, allow for limitless potential combinations, and each scenario can be enhanced by special rules, objective markers, troop allotments, and other variations. The only limiting factor is your imagination!
Once the scenario has been selected, each player must assemble his forces. Each squad of infantry will be comprised of several individual soldiers, each with their own statistics and game rules, and may be further defined by a specialization. The soldiers, whether they are officers, regular infantry, elite infantry, mortar crews, or machine gun crews, each take up a slot on a squad base (or two, in the case of the mortar and machine gun crews), and you can mix and match your available soldiers to construct the squads best suited to your strategy. You can further specialize some squads with anti-tank weaponry, engineering or medical training, or flamethrower capability.
Each scenario will have its own victory conditions, whether it's a race to a certain victory point total, a check for victory after a certain number of turns, or a specific objective-based victory condition inherent in the scenario. TIDE OF IRON's scenarios are so varied and so flexible, it's almost like a new game each time! 


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