28 October 2008 | Tide of Iron

Re: Strategy and Operations Cards

From: Corey Konieczka, ToI Development Staff, FFG H.Q.

Hello, I am Corey Konieczka and I am one of the assistant developers for TIDE OF IRON. One of the most amazing things about TIDE OF IRON is the awe inspiring amount of customization. Included are 12 double sided map boards, a multitude of additional overlay terrain and a wide range of fortifications and hazards. Each scenario not only makes use of these features, but also grants both sides access to one or more of the various strategy card decks.Let me give you a brief overview of how the strategy cards affect the game. Throughout the game, both teams will accumulate command by holding certain locations or by fulfilling special objectives. Command is later spent to gain initiative in future game rounds and to purchase powerful strategy cards.The strategy cards come in a wide range of different decks. One scenario may grant the Americans control of the “Artillery” deck giving them the ability to call in devastating OBA (off board artillery) assaults. Another may provide them with the “Reinforcements” and “Morale” decks enabling them to call in more troops or gain defensive bonuses on the battlefield. The many different decks provide great variety that goes beyond standard terrain and victory conditions.

As if that wasn’t enough, operations cards (another card type) add even more variety. Each operations card provides special rules that have ongoing effects on the battle. These cards range from “Fog” covering the battlefield to “Shaken Defenders” or even the presence of a “Tank Ace”. Scenarios will specify which (if any) of these ongoing effects will be in play during a given battle.This quick glimpse will hopefully give you insight into the depth and variety found in TIDE OF IRON. We have just begun to scratch the surface of this giant epic sized game. I hope that you will return throughout the coming weeks to find out what else is in store for you in Tide of Iron.

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