28 October 2008 | Tide of Iron

Re: Mission Briefing

From: Corey Konieczka, ToI Development Staff, FFG H.Q.

As we get closer and closer to the inevitable release of Tide of Iron, a few lingering components still remain shrouded in mystery to most of the general public. For the lucky few managed to participate in our Operation: Early Bird demos, most of the magic has been unveiled. It is still my pleasure to reveal a little more information about the heart of the game, the scenarios.At a glance, each scenario in Tide of Iron contains information about each of the two factions. This includes detailed information about each faction’s starting units, setup instructions, operations cards, command cards, special rules and most importantly victory conditions.The most exciting aspect of Tide of Iron scenarios is that each faction usually has dramatically different objectives. For example, the Germans may control a heavily fortified area and will win the scenario by simply holding their territory for a set number of turns. In a scenario such as this, the Americans would most likely have more forces and be forced to attack fast, hard and unrelenting.CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!If you were one of the lucky fans who got to participate in our Operation: Early Bird demos, then you probably played one of two special introductory scenarios. These small exclusive scenarios introduced the basic rules to first time players while hopefully giving them a taste of what a larger Tide of Iron scenario can offer, in addition to providing an intense Tide of Iron game experience.All of the scenarios included in the base game of Tide of Iron range in size from 6 map boards, to using all 12 map boards. The varied sizes and objectives of each scenario makes the game scalable based upon desired playtime, table space and complexity.As we get closer to release and beyond, we will be posting many more official TOI scenarios. In addition, we will be posting a full featured campaign editor for fans to create and upload their own exciting scenarios. Until then, thank you for your excitement and continued support.

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