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Your vast colony of penguins has been torn apart by a harsh winter and dwindling fishing grounds. Now you must race across shrinking ice floes to retrieve as many fish as you can before the ice melts beneath your feet. With hunger urging you on in a fight against your fellow penguins, you’ll do anything you can to survive… while wearing earmuffs.

Welcome to the lively world of Hey, That’s My Fish!, a game of fishy confrontation for one to four players now available for your favorite digital device! Control a greedy band of penguins racing to score the most fish on a rapidly sinking ice floe. This fast-paced game balances deep strategic play with a light and family-friendly landscape.

The Hey, That’s My Fish! board game, originally published in 2003, has been recognized for its innovative strategy through a Spiel des Jahres recommendation and other awards. Now the award-winning game is only the touch of a finger away!

May the Best Penguin Eat

Who will rise to face off against you in this chilly arena? Players can choose to battle up to three friends, or a combination of friends and computer opponents through pass and play. Newcomers and fans of this classic board game will enjoy the solo option against a clever AI opponent, perfect for a quick casual game during the day, or a more intense struggle to beat your best score.

Victory in Hey, That’s My Fish! is measured by a full belly: the penguin clan with the most fish at the end of the game is the winner. With a cutthroat attitude, you can outmaneuver your opponents and win the game. Hey, That’s My Fish! can also be enjoyed as an amicable contest for a family-friendly experience. From light play to a serious strategic mindset, this animated adventure is perfect for players of any experience level.

With randomized maps created every game, your penguins can waddle across perpetually new Antarctic terrain in their quest for a tasty dinner. But be careful, your path might be blocked by missing ice. Fortunately, you can use this feature to your advantage and sink the competition! Should you block a competing penguin from moving he will meet his fate in the ocean below.

Hey, That’s My Fish! is simple to learn, but challenging to master, offering endless hours of fun as you discover the best tactics to use in your fish-grabbing escapades. A large variety of unlockable map levels that increase in difficulty and an optional turn-length time limit will have you constantly testing your skills. Hey,That’s My Fish! also offers an array of player achievements to score, should you manage to master their conditions. Rise in penguin rank as you successfully earn each award.

Can you score the catch of the day? Join the race and don’t let the competition escape with your fish!

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