25 November 2015 | Software & Media

Battles and Azathoth and Penguins, Oh My!

Holiday Discounts for Three Digital Games


The holiday season is here, the days are almost at their shortest and, of course, winter is coming. To celebrate the holidays (and make sure you have enough entertainment while cooped up inside), we’re putting our three digital games on sale. From now until December 1st, you can get iOS, Android, and Steam builds of BattleLore: Command, Elder Sign: Omens and Hey, That’s My Fish! at a discount.

Muster Your Troops

In BattleLore: Command, you lead squadrons of charging cavalry, fearless warriors, and vicious demons into fierce, tactical combat. Set in the same universe as Runebound, the game features both a single-player campaign mode and an online multiplayer mode in which you can choose your army, choose your scenario, and wage war against a friend. The game is currently available on iOS, Android, and Steam for $3.99. With an in-app purchase you can also unlock the Locust expansion, which features new units, new multiplayer scenarios, and a challenging single-player mini-campaign. 

Solve Arcane Mysteries

Elder Sign: Omens immerses you in Lovecraftian horror. Put together your team of investigators and enter the haunted Arkham Museum in the dark of night. In the museum’s walls you’ll find uncanny artifacts, arcane tomes, and ravenous monsters — along with the mystical Elder Signs needed to stop Ancient Ones including Yig and Azathoth from awakening and destroying the world. Pass-and-play enables you to collaborate on solving the mysteries with your friends.  You can get the core game of Elder Sign: Omens for iOS and Android for $0.99, with additional content available for in-app purchase. On Steam, you can now purchase the game with all the content unlocked for $9.99. 

Go Fish

Hey, That’s My Fish! is a family-friendly strategy game in which penguins fight over their favorite food. Your goal is to grab the most fish first, but you’ll have to manoeuvre the other penguins who are just as hungry and determined as you are. The digital version offers solo gaming and pass-and-play for up to four players. It is available now for iOS and Android at a price of only $0.99. 

Happy Holidays!

Don’t let cabin fever, airport delays, or long car rides get you down this holiday season. Download BattleLore: Command, Elder Sign: Omens, and Hey, That’s My Fish! today! 

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