Star Wars: X-Wing Organized Play

Enjoy more of your favorite starfighter battles with Star Wars™: X-Wing Organized Play!

With its detailed miniatures and custom dice, Star Wars: X-Wing launches you into a galaxy full of fast-paced starfighter dogfights. Just plot your maneuvers, fly at your enemies, take aim, and fire. The game takes only minutes to learn, but the possibilities are absolutely endless.

Star Wars: X-Wing Organized Play exists to help you explore more of those possibilities. Through supporting a wide range of events and gaming experiences, Star Wars: X-Wing​ Organized Play helps you find more events, meet more players, explore more gaming opportunities, and enjoy more of the game you love.

Test your piloting skills in competitive tournaments or keep it casual. Join other players to celebrate each new wave of ships. Build thematic squads for custom events. And complete new challenges. When you participate in Star Wars: X-Wing​ Organized Play, you’ll become part of the larger Star Wars: X-Wing​ community and win cool prizes that you can use to upgrade your squadron!

Check out the sections below for more information on official Organized Play programs and events!

Programs and Events

In-Store Events

In-store play is the cornerstone of Star Wars: X-Wing Organized Play. You can join your friends for casual game nights, take part in an ongoing league, or put your favorite squadrons through their paces in local tournaments. Recurring Seasonal Kits incentivize your participation by introducing new prizes each calendar season, and your local event organizer is free to apply these prizes toward the types of events that best support your community.

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System Open Series

As a global celebration of fast-paced miniatures space combat, the Star Wars: X-Wing System Open Series consists of a number of high-energy tournaments held at conventions and other large public venues around the world. The Top 8 players at each System Open Series main event earn an invitation to the Star Wars: X-Wing World Championship, and the winner of each event also earns an invitation to the exclusive Coruscant Invitational.

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Star Wars: X-Wing World Championship

The Star Wars: X-Wing World Championship is the grand culmination of the System Open Series and the pinnacle of Star Wars: X-Wing​ Organized Play. The best players from all over the world gather to compete for fantastic prizes and the title of Star Wars: X-Wing​ World Champion! The World Championship also features a wide array of fun side events and the Coruscant Invitational, an epic, multi-round event featuring the winners of the System Open Series.

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