System Open Series

System Open events for Star Wars™: X-Wing are massive, high-energy tournaments and community gatherings held at conventions and other large public venues around the world.

Attend one of these events, and you will revel in fast-paced starfighter battles, meet the most enthusiastic members of the Star Wars: X-Wing community, take aim at custom prizes, and test yourself against the game's top aces. System Open events include both top-level competition and side events that are perfect for new players, both of which allow you to compete for some of the year's coolest Star Wars: X-Wing​ prizes!

If you have any desire to see how the game is played at its highest level, you will absolutely want to make your way to one or more of these events—because securing a Top 8 finish in a System Open will earn you an invitation to the Star Wars: X-Wing World Championship. The winners of each System Open will also be invited to the Coruscant Invitational, an epic multi-round event that kicks off the World Championship and features every faction of the game. Previous events in the System Open Series have shattered tournament attendance records, and we're looking forward to seeing how both new and seasoned Star Wars: X-Wing​ pilots take on the upcoming System Open Series​!

Read on for more information about the System Open Series, event structures, prizes, and more!

Upcoming Events

United States

Date Venue Location Details
Postponed Radisson Hotel at Fossil Creek, 2540 Meacham Blvd.​ Forth Worth, TX​ Yeti Gaming​
Postponed AdeptiCon, 1551 N. Thoreau Dr. ​ Schaumburg, IL​ AdeptiCon​
Postponed USS Hornet Museum, 707 W. Hornet Ave.​ Alameda, CA​ Yeti Gaming​
Cancelled Origins Game Fair, 400 N. High St.​ Columbus, OH​ Origins Game Fair​


Date  Venue Location Details
Postponed Bankstown Sports Club, 8 Greenfield Pds, NSW, 2200​ Bankstown, Australia​ Eventbrite
Aug 28-30 Espace Charenton, 327 Rue de Charenton, 75012​ Paris, France​ Eventbrite
Cancelled Lucca Crea, Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 53, 55100 Lucca, Italy Cancelled
Postponed Spoorzone013, Koepelhal en Wagenmakerij, Burgemeester Brokxlaan 2, 5041 SB​ Tilburg, Netherlands​ Billetto NL
February 8-9 Marshall Arena MK, Stadium Way W, MK 1ST  Milton Keynes, UK Billetto UK
Sept 4-6 Slagthuset Mmx, Carlsgatan 12E, 211 20 Malmö, Sweden TBD
April 23-25, 2021 Star Event Center, Alter Flughafen 11A, 30179 Hannover, Germany Eventbrite
TBD​ TBD​ Poland TBD​
TBD​ TBD​ Spain TBD​

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Burning Skies

New Prizes Are Coming to the Star Wars: X-Wing System Open Series​

Event Details

System Open Tournament

The System Open Series offers a range of thrilling experiences for Star Wars: X-Wing players. The main draw at each of these events is the System Open tournament itself, a two-day championship. Attendees outside of the System Open Tournament will also find more play opportunities in the World Championship Qualifier, Hangar Bay Pods, and Aces High Pods. Each of these events features its own tournament structure, which is detailed below. System Open tournaments use the Hyperspace game mode and each tournament features two days of exciting space battles!

  • Day 1: Six rounds of Swiss. Each player with five or more wins will advance to Day 2.
  • Day 2: Single elimination rounds. Byes are awarded to the top-seeded players to balance the initial bracket if required.

World Championship Qualifier

The primary side event of the System Open Series is the World Championship Qualifier. Beginning shortly after the main event moves into the Day 2 elimination rounds, the World Championship Qualifier is a tournament that offers players a chance to earn more prize tickets, and those players who go undefeated will secure their invitation to the next Star Wars: X-Wing World Championship!

The World Championship Qualifier uses the Extended game mode and consists of five Swiss rounds. Players who are eliminated from the main event during the Day 2 elimination rounds may join the World Championship Qualifier, with byes for the rounds they missed, up to the Top 8. Prize tickets will be awarded for each round that players play as well as for each win they earn. For players who are eliminated from the System Open tournament, this event offer players one last chance to secure their seat at the World Championship.

Hangar Bay Pods

A System Open Series event may be accompanied by Hangar Bay Pods, casual side events that event organizers can decide to launch whenever eight players are ready to play. Hangar Bay pods are three-round side events that may use the Extended or Hyperspace game modes. Prize tickets will be awarded for participation and for each win earned.

Aces High Pods

The event organizer may also offer Aces High pods as another side event, using the Extended or Hyperspace game modes. Up to eight players can sign up for an Aces High pod and play two rounds of the Aces High scenario from the Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion, with some minor adjustments. Players will play for 60 minutes and score match points according to their placement at their table (see below). The first round will be randomly paired with four players to a table. In the second round, the 1st and 2nd place players from each table will face each other, and the 3rd and 4th place players from each table will face each other. Once the second round is complete, players will receive prize tickets based on their standing within the pod. In order to play, each player will need to bring two Obstacles, one Hyperspace Marker, and one ship with a squad limit of 80 points, in addition to other necessary Core Set components.

Match Points

  • 1st place: 8 points
  • 2nd place: 6 points
  • 3rd place: 4 points
  • 4th place: 2 points

In the event of a tie, players add up the potential points for placements and divide them by the number of tied players.

  • Example: There is a two-way tie for second place. The players add up the potential scores (6 points and 4 points for 2nd and 3rd place) for a total of 10 points, divided by the number of tied players (which is two). The two players tied would each receive 5 points.
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