X-Wing Second Edition Organized Play

Learn What the Future Holds for X-Wing Organized Play


"Lock S-foils in attack position."
     –Red Leader, Star Wars: A New Hope

With the introduction of X-Wing™ Second Edition, X-Wing Organized Play is poised to become bigger, more fully rounded, and more responsive than ever.

Since the game's release in 2012, you and your fellow players have built the X-Wing Organized Play program into a global force in the hobby games industry—a force so successful that it has become an integral part of the game's core identity. Accordingly, as we look forward to the upcoming release of the second edition, we are keeping the core of the Organized Play program firmly in place. And then we're adding much, much more!

With X-Wing Second Edition, the X-Wing Organized Play program will continue to run from in-store events toward its annual peak at the World Championships. You will continue to benefit from a fantastic array of ships, pilots, upgrades, and squad builds. Individual retailers will have the opportunity to run larger events more often, you'll benefit from greater support for casual gatherings, and you'll have more opportunities to travel throughout your region to participate in top-tier competitive events.

More Ways to Play

The X-Wing Organized Play experience you know and love will continue and grow, enhanced by the innovations and focus of the second edition.

Thanks to the conversion kits, all but six ships from first edition will be available for X-Wing Second Edition play immediately upon release. Then, as we revealed in the announcement of X-Wing Second Edition, those six First Order and Resistance ships will be reintroduced to the game with the second wave of ship expansions—when the First Order and Resistance arrive as their own complete factions!

This means the game and its Organized Play will continue to support the same rich variety of squad builds, even as the updated second edition ruleset and ship designs emphasize the game's maneuvering and dogfighting.

Beyond this, you have the new squad building app / website, which enables us to create a wealth of wholly new experiences. We can use the app to tailor individual events around specific pools of ships, pilots, and upgrades. We can introduce scenario-specific rules as appropriate, and this allows Organized Play to provide unique events based on themes and specific Star Wars battles. Thanks to the app, Organized Play will now incorporate occasional events meant to welcome new fans and provide veterans with a greater variety of X-Wing experiences.

The app also allows us to better address game balance for competitive tournaments. At specific intervals, we can adjust the point costs of ships and upgrades for Organized Play, and we can add or remove a ship's upgrade slots. We can even make these adjustments for unique events outside of competitive tournaments—creating missions, for example, in which we might reduce the point cost of the TIE Advanced so that you can fit six into a single squad, or designing a special challenge in which every ship can equip a torpedo.

More Support for In-Store Play

After the release of X-Wing Second Edition, in-store play will remain the greatest driver and focus for X-Wing Organized Play, and we will be supporting your favorite local game stores and your X-Wing communities with more materials, events, and styles of play than ever before!

The Launch Weekend will welcome new and current players into the game's second edition with activities to help you explore this new chapter in the ongoing X-Wing saga.

The recurring Seasonal Kits will expand, beginning in December 2018, and each of these kits will be designed to support three events or leagues per season. Additionally, each Seasonal Kit will introduce a new challenge that you can complete anytime during that season's events. Rise to the challenge, and you'll win a special challenge prize!

Perhaps the most exciting news for your local in-store play is that the kits used to support the current Store Championships will be upgraded to Deluxe Wave Kits, which will accompany each new wave of expansions. Each Deluxe Wave Kit will support a Wave Championship, where you can compete for the title of Wave Champion at your store and the bragging rights that come with it.

Deluxe Wave Kits will also support two other events—a release celebration that uses Quick Build cards to thrust you straight into action with the wave's new ships, and a thematic event that features a tailored squad-building pool, encouraging you to explore even more of what the newest ships have to offer. In addition, each Deluxe Wave Kit will come with patronage cards that reward you for making X-Wing purchases at the stores where you play.

Finally, these Deluxe Wave Kits will tie together all the events that take place in your favorite local game store between wave releases. Your performance at each event will earn you points in an ongoing contest to become the overall Wave Leader. Just before the release of the next wave, your store will declare the player with the most points their Wave Leader and award them a special prize!

More Competitions to Win

Players looking for higher levels of competition will find more opportunities than ever to test their skills against rival squad leaders—all of which take the core X-Wing tournament experience and ramp it up for the second edition!

The Hyperspace Trials are the first and widest level of competition. This is the new name for the existing Regional Championships, and will offer a similar experience. Unlike the current Regional Championships, however, these Hyperspace Trials will be open to all retailers able to meet the eligibility requirements for their territories. This means players will most likely find more opportunities to travel for high-level, regional competition.

Moreover, because the Hyperspace Trials won't be restricted to a set number of events, we will offer two periods of Hyperspace Trials per year. In 2019, the first Hyperspace Trials will take place between March and June, and a second set of Hyperspace Trials will take place between September and December.

A select number of Hyperspace Trials will be run as Hyperspace Cups. These Hyperspace Cups will come with additional prizes and offer an experience similar to that of the existing National Championships.

Simultaneously, the System Open Series will continue to consist of a limited number of larger events around the world. In the game's first edition, these events have proven highly successful, drawing hundreds upon hundreds of players, and contributing positively to the development of the worldwide X-Wing community. In the game's second edition, we will continue to build upon these events and are incorporating them more fully into the Organized Play program.

Starting in 2019, the Hyperspace events and System Open Series will all qualify players toward the X-Wing World Championshps.

The pinnacle of X-Wing Organized Play—and the culmination of the year's Hyperspace events and System Open Series—the X-Wing World Championships will continue to feature the world's best players at the top of their game.

This is an event that gives birth to legends, and even as players from across the globe pilot their squads in heated battles, we will let everyone at home enjoy all of the event's action and drama via our livestream. In the end, though, only one player will claim the title of X-Wing World Champion, and that player will claim The Greatest Prize in Gaming™—the chance to work with the game's developers to inspire a future card!

Infographic: Second Edition Organized Play

Find a summary overview of X-Wing Second Edition Organized Play available here as an infographic.

Landing Approach at Lightspeed

What does X-Wing Second Edition mean for X-Wing Organized Play? The answer is more play opportunities, more variety, more prizes, and more ways to take part!

Additionally, many of the first edition events scheduled in the coming months feature prizes that are compatible with or designed for use with the game's second edition. Stay tuned for more information about those events and prizes, as well as further details about all of the X-Wing Second Edition plans revealed above.

For the rest of the 2018 May World Championships, be sure to follow our livestream on Twitch for our X-Wing Second Edition coverage—and to enjoy all the thrilling competition from the 2018 X-Wing World Championships!

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