X-Wing™ Organized Play

Find More Games. Meet More Players. Win More Prizes.

Enjoy more of your favorite Star Wars starfighter battles with X-Wing™ Organized Play!

With its detailed miniatures and custom dice, X-Wing launches you into a galaxy full of fast-paced starfighter dogfights. Just plot your maneuvers, fly at your enemies, take aim, and fire. The game takes only minutes to learn, but the possibilities are endless.

X-Wing Organized Play exists to help you explore more of those possibilities. By supporting a wide range of events and gaming experiences, X-Wing Organized Play helps you find more games, meet more players, explore more gaming opportunities, and enjoy more of the game you love.

Test your skills in tournaments or keep it casual. Join other players to celebrate each new wave of ships. Build thematic squads for custom events. And complete new challenges. When you participate in X-Wing Organized Play, you’ll become part of the larger X-Wing community and win cool prizes you can use to upgrade your squadron!

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Programs and Events

In-Store Events

In-store play is the cornerstone of X-Wing Organized Play. You can join your buddies for casual game nights, take part in an ongoing league, or put your favorite squadrons through their paces in local tournaments. Recurring Seasonal Kits incentivize your participation by introducing new prizes each calendar season, and your local event organizer is free to apply these prizes toward the types of events that best support your community.

With the upcoming release of X-Wing Second Edition, Seasonal Kits will also introduce special challenges that you can complete to earn additional prizes, and Deluxe Wave Kits will support a wider range of events—from your standard in-store play to thematic events and ongoing league play.

Learn more about in-store play.

System Open Series

A global celebration of fast-paced X-Wing miniatures space combat, the System Open Series consists of a limited number of tournaments that run at conventions and other larger events. The System Open Series has historically featured some of the game’s largest and most energetic audiences, and the whole community gets involved, as well—by helping to shape the unique challenges that await the top System Open Series participants as they face each other in a final confrontation.

Beginning in 2019, the System Open Series will qualify top players to the X-Wing World Championships.

Learn more about the System Open Series.
View the System Open Series schedule
See the System Open Series prizes

Championship Series Events

With a massive—and growing—worldwide player base, X-Wing enjoys a full, year-round calendar of top-level competitions.

•    Store Championships run once per year and allow you to compete for local bragging rights.
•    Regional Championships invite high-level play and the development of larger communities, as players travel from nearby cities and neighboring states to compete.
•    National Championships provide you a chance to test yourself against your country’s best competitors and win a seat at the World Championships.

Beginning in 2019, the Store Championships will be replaced by the Wave Championships supported by Deluxe Wave Kits. Regional and National Championships will be replaced by Hyperspace Trials and Hyperspace Cups, respectively. The top players at these Hyperspace events will qualify for the X-Wing World Championships.

More details to follow

X-Wing Second Edition Launch Weekend

Celebrate the release of X-Wing Second Edition by taking part in your local retailer’s Launch Weekend activities!

More details to follow

Release Celebrations

Join your friends and local X-Wing community to celebrate the release of each new wave of X-Wing Second Edition ship expansions. X-Wing Second Edition Release Celebrations make use of the Quick Build format to encourage your immediate exploration of what the newest ships have to offer. Play games, try something new, and walk away with exclusive prizes.

More details to follow

2019 X-Wing World Championships

The X-Wing World Championships are the culmination of the Hyperspace events and System Open Series and the pinnacle of X-Wing Organized Play. The world’s best players compete for the title of X-Wing World Champion and The Greatest Prize in Gaming™—the right to work with the game’s developers to inspire a future card!

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