Prizes Befitting the Best

The FFG World Championships not only features the best players duking it out in games of skill, but it also contains amazing prizes for everyone in attendance!

From fantastic alternate art cards for each game to exclusive playmats to The Greatest Prize in Gaming™, the World Championships offers a wide array of prizes. Our new addition, the Prize Wall, only further guarantees everyone will leave the event with awesome swag. Players will have to prove their skill to earn some of these prizes, but everyone who attends the 2017 World Championships in November will receive a 2017 World Championships beanie cap as a keepsake to keep warm, a World Championship playmat to show that they competed at the highest level, and an exclusive promo card for their game!

The Prize Wall

The Prize Wall is an exciting new way to win at the World Championships! Players will earn and redeem Prize Tickets to choose more of what they want, in addition to the guaranteed prizes they earn in main events and select side events. There are many ways to earn Prize Tickets throughout the World Championships:

  • Competitors in each main event will receive 10 Prize Tickets.
  • Every Swiss round in all main and side tournaments will award the winner with Prize Tickets (quantity varies).
  • Side events primarily award Prize Tickets, based on performance.

Following a preview-only day on Wednesday, the Prize Wall will be open for redemption in the Fantasy Flight Games Center from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM Thursday through Sunday (competitiors who are departing can request assistance during other times at Flight Control). Fantastic and coveted items will be on display, each marked with the number of Prize Tickets needed to obtain them. Certain limited-quantity, high-demand items will be divided into daily allotments to ensure all attendees have a chance at them. Here are just some of the items that will be on the Prize Wall:

  • 2017 World Championship prize cards and Day 2 or Leading Third prizes
  • 2016 World Championship prize cards, T-shirts, binders, deckboxes, and Day 2 or Leading Third prizes
  • Select prizes from previous Organized Play kits and events

Game-Specific Prizes

Click on each game's header below to see what games you could win at the 2017 November World Championships!

Some images have been digitally rendered and may look slightly different than actual prizes awarded.

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

Android: Netrunner

Legend of the Five Rings LCG

Runewars Miniatures