Winter Court World Championship

Thank you to everyone who attended Winter Court at the World Championship! Congratulations to the new Shogun, Samuel Benies! His story choice was Justice, and the new elemental roles chosen for each clan for the Toshi Ranbo season have been decreed. This page will be updated when the details of the 2018 Winter Court World Championship become available. Good luck to all clans in earning the Emperor's Favor during the Toshi Ranbo season of the Kotei Series, to have their clan represented on the exclusive prizes!

Each year, the Emperor of Rokugan honors the Great Clan that holds his favor by extending them the privilege of hosting his Winter Court. Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game holds its World Championship at Winter Court each November, at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Minnesota. Fantastic prizes await all players at this pinnacle of competition, and the favored clan is represented on many of those exclusive items and trophies!

The World Champion is declared Shogun and makes a critical Story Choice to influence the future of the Empire. Then, the Roles of Rokugan ceremony decides the destiny of each clan, as the top finisher from each will choose their clan’s exclusive elemental role for the upcoming year!

Please visit our 2017 World Championships webpage for full information on the entire celebration. Read on below for details on the 2017 Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game prizes, along with specific event structures for the main tournament and side events!


The Dragon Clan earned the Emperor’s Favor at the Kiku Matsuri preview event at Gen Con and will be represented on many of the prizes awarded to participating and top-finishing competitors at Winter Court this year. Click on each image below for a better look at what awaits the Winter Court competitors!

  • Every participating player will receive an exclusive playmat and beanie to commemorate competing at this pinnacle event. Every player will also receive one copy of the Togashi Kazue extended art prize card (pictured below). For collectors, additional copies are available on the Prize Wall.
  • Participants earn 10 prize tickets for competing, plus 10 prize tickets for each game they win during Day 1. These prize tickets can be redeemed at the Prize Wall for coveted prizes, including many of the items awarded at the Kiku Matsuri preview events, starting on Thursday!
  • Hatamotos in attendance will be recognized at the start of each Day 1. Defeating one of them during the Swiss rounds will earn the victorious player a Hatamoto Triumph pin.

  • After the Swiss rounds of each Day 1, the highest ranked player from each clan will be rewarded with a Best of Clan honor bid dial.
  • Players who advance to Day 2 by earning at least 34 tournament points (Win = 10, Modified Win = 6, Loss = 1, Modified Loss = 0) earn a set of five honored tokens and five dishonored tokens. Additional sets of these tokens are available on the Prize Wall.
  • After the advancing players from all three Day 1 events are combined into Day 2, they will play two more Swiss rounds. After Swiss rounds, the highest ranked player from each clan is bestowed with the title of Hatamoto, becoming the first to receive this promotion for the new Toshi Ranbo Season. This achievement awards incredible prizes, a reserved seat for purchase at the next two Winter Court World Championships, and recognition in the Hall of Honor.

  • The Top 32 players by final Swiss standings will earn an incredible playmat depicting Togashi Kazue. Each playmat displays the rank group the recipient finished the event in.
  • The highest ranked 16 players after Swiss advance to single-elimination rounds, along with the next highest ranked player from each clan. After one round to determine a Top 16 bracket, stunning medals are awarded to the competitors who will play until the champion is determined (pictured below).

  • The Top 8 players each earn a premium wooden token box depicting the favored Dragon Clan’s mon.
  • Top 4 competitors receive a full color print, suitable for framing, depicting the Dragon Clan’s champion, Togashi Yokuni. They are also bestowed with the Hatamoto title if not yet promoted at this event.
  • The finalist receives an elegant plaque to commemorate their momentous achievement.
  • The champion claims a stunning trophy and one-of-a-kind playmat, and is declared Shogun for the entire Toshi Ranbo Season! They are awarded with travel and hotel accommodations to attend the 2018 Winter Court World Championship, and free entry for themselves and a companion. They also have the sole privilege of making the impactful Story Choice for this prestigious event. Last but not least, The Greatest Prize in Gaming gives them the opportunity to inspire the design of a card for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

  • As part of the culmination of the 2017 World Championships, the highest finishing player from each clan will participate in the Roles of Rokugan ceremony to select the elemental role their clan will have exclusive access to during the Toshi Ranbo Season. Beginning with the new Shogun, and proceeding in rank order (Swiss standings are used to break ties for players who are eliminated in the same single-elimination round), these clan representatives will choose an unselected role, other than the ones their clan had at the Winter Court World Championship. They each receive a stone depiction to commemorate the lasting impact of their decision.

On Wednesday, the Winter Court Reception is a scheduled chance to complete the open play activity for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Players who complete three games will be rewarded with a copy of the Togashi Kazue extended art prize card. An incentive of five prize tickets is offered for players that complete their games and claim their prize at the Radisson Hotel on Wednesday.

The departing Court of the Dragon Clan tournament on Sunday allows competitors to use their clan’s new or previous elemental role, and awards ten prize tickets per win, plus ten tickets for competing. Results will make an initial contribution to the Clan Standings for the new Toshi Ranbo Season.

Please note: Some prize images are digital depictions. Final items may vary slightly in color, size, or design.

Event Structures

The Winter Court World Championship consists of three separate Day 1 events, November 1st through 3rd–Day 1Z on Wednesday, Day 1A on Thursday, and Day 1B on Friday–plus a combined Day 2 on Saturday, November 4th. Each Day 1, competitors will play six Swiss-paired rounds. Each player that earns at least 34 tournament points (Win = 10, Modified Win = 6, Loss = 1, Modified Loss = 0) advances to Day 2.

On Day 2 of the Winter Court World Championship, the players who advanced will complete two additional Swiss rounds, keeping their tournament points from their Day 1. To determine final Swiss standings, their Day 2 Strength of Schedule will be used as the first tiebreaker, their Day 1 Strength of Schedule will be used as the second tiebreaker, and their Day 1 Extended Strength of Schedule will be used as the third tiebreaker.

Following the Swiss rounds of Day 2, the 16 highest-ranked players by standings will advance to single elimination rounds, as will the next highest-ranked player from each clan as clan challengers. The first round of elimination will pair those clan challengers against the lowest-ranked players from the 16 players who advanced, with higher-seeded players receiving a bye for this first round of single elimination. After that round, the Top 16 will be set, and play a single-elimination bracket to determine the new World Champion and Shogun!

The Winter Court Reception is a casual open play activity that can be completed anytime during the World Championship weekend. A scheduled time where players can more easily find three opponents and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere at the Radisson Hotel event space will be offered on Wednesday, November 1st, from approximately 9 AM to 9 PM.

The Court of the Dragon Clan tournament on Sunday, November 5th consists of four Swiss rounds. Results contribute initial Glory and Elemental Points to the Toshi Ranbo Season's Clan Standings and set tiebreakers for all three types of points. Players can choose to utilize the role their clan had access to at the Winter Court World Championship in their deck or the new role their clan selected for the Toshi Ranbo Season at the Roles of Rokugan on Saturday.

Updated on November 5th, 2017 - Added summary of 2017 results to top of page.