Winter Court World Championship

Each year, the Emperor of Rokugan honors one of the Great Clans by extending them the privilege of hosting his Winter Court. The greatest champions of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game are also invited to attend.

Held each year during the November World Championship at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Minnesota, the Winter Court is the pinnacle of Legend of the Five Rings Organized Play, featuring fantastic prizes and top-level competition between the greatest samurai from each of the Great Clans, as they compete for exclusive items and trophies!

The sole samurai who wins the most prestigious tournament in all of Rokugan is declared Shōgun and makes a critical story choice that will shape the very future of the Emerald Empire. This warrior is further honored by the Emperor, who extends the Shōgun the privilege of having their clan host the next Winter Court. In past celebrations, the Roles of Rokugan ceremony was used to decide the destiny of each clan, but with the 2019 Winter Court, it was decided that the elemental roles be freed for the seven Great Clans.

See the news articles below for details on the most recent Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Winter Court, along with prizes and specific event structures for the main tournament and side events!


2019 Winter Court World Championship

Prizes and Event Details for the 2019 Winter Court World Championship