Trials of Frostgate

A New Adventure Is Now Available for Road to Legend


In the city of Frostgate, the Northern Tribes gather each winter for feasting, celebration, and their most sacred rituals. Amongst these rituals, the Trials of Frostgate stand proudest—tests of courage, skill, and strength of arms, where the proudest and bravest warriors earn tattoos of their totemic animals. Four trials await you—and only the boldest heroes can withstand them all.                                                                     

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that a new adventure is now available for purchase through the Road to Legend app! Trials of Frostgate challenges you and your fellow heroes to four distinct trials, and each trial is guaranteed to test your strength and your resolve in a different way. Unlike a campaign, which progresses through a story with every new adventure, each challenge in Trials of Frostgate can be attempted multiple times as you attempt to best your scores from previous encounters!

The Strength of the North

As part of the Road to Legend companion app, Trials of Frostgate invites you to experience the danger, excitement, and heroism of Descent: Journeys in the Dark as a completely cooperative experience. The companion app takes over command of the monsters that you battle, leaving you and each of your friends free to become the heroes of Terrinoth.

Within that basic premise, however, Trials of Frostgate takes a dramatically different approach from previous content. In the past, you’ve pitted yourself against Splig, the self-proclaimed King of All Goblins. You’ve followed Merrick Farrow’s trail of destruction in Kindred Fire and experienced the darkness of Nerekhall in Seeds of Corruption. You may even have ventured into the ethereal realm of The Delve, fighting your way through realms unlike anything you’d seen before.

In Trials of Frostgate, you face a new sort of challenge: four trials, each of which tests your skills in a different way, and each of which can be attempted multiple times as you try to best your previous scores and earn your totemic tattoos.

You may endeavor to face the Trial of the Bear, pitting your might against endless hordes of enemies. Or, you may attempt the Trial of the Hawk, forcing you to show speed and cunning as you banish baleful spirits before they call down more perils. The Trial of the Lion sends you into pitched combat with the most powerful and dangerous of your enemies, while the Trial of the Wolf bids you escort the spirits of your ancestors to the afterlife, protecting them from any danger along the way.

Only the greatest of heroes can prevail against even a single one of these trials. If you were to triumph against them all, you would truly become known as the Champion of Frostgate.

Are You a Champion?

The Trials of Frostgate are now open, and their challenge awaits. Test your might against the four trials, and return again and again, until you know that none can stand before you.

Download the Trials of Frostgate adventure in the Road to Legend app today!

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