Fire to Ash

Kindred Fire Is Now Available for Road to Legend


“The dark flame burns within…”
–Merick Farrow

Your path has led throughout the land of Terrinoth, from the icy peaks of high mountains, through fetid swamps and fens, and into abandoned manor houses and the city streets of Nerekhall. You’ve taken your stand against the servants of darkness, protected the innocent from danger, and uncovered treasure beyond the wildest imagination. But you have never experienced a campaign for Descent: Journeys in the Dark like this one—Kindred Fire, the first full-length campaign for the Road to Legend app, is now available for free download!

Upon release, the Road to Legend companion app included the Rise of All Goblins mini-campaign, giving you and your fellow heroes a thrilling introduction to the Road to Legend experience. Now, Kindred Fire offers you the chance to play a full campaign that spans the realm of Terrinoth. What’s more, because the initial release of Road to Legend inspired such an amazingly positive reaction, the Kindred Fire campaign is available for free. (Please note: you will be able to buy future campaigns through in-app purchase.)

A Campaign That Spans the Realm

At its core, the Road to Legend experience remains the same: a companion app for Descent: Journeys in the Dark that allows you to experience the game in a fully cooperative format. Rather than one player taking control of the monsters and traps that await the hero players, up to four players have the chance to play side-by-side as heroes of Terrinoth, while the app controls the monsters that lie in wait. 

There are some differences, of course, between the Road to Legend digital experience and the core Descent gameplay. Heroes and monsters now have interlaced activations, ensuring that the action in every quest stays fast and involved. Being knocked out carries much more weight, since it decreases your morale with potentially devastating consequences. And you’ll be able to experience the thrill of discovery as the app slowly reveals the map for each quest as you open doors and move deeper into the dungeon. (For more information on the Road to Legend app, you can visit the announcement and the preview article.)

With the introduction of Kindred Fire, the first full-length campaign for Road to Legend, you’ll immediately find yourself in the thick of danger as you and your fellow heroes come across a village utterly consumed by flame and reduced to ash. Everyone within the village has been burnt to death—only a single pair of footsteps leads out of the village and into the wild. Though all signs seem to point to Merick Farrow as the culprit, you’ll quickly find that the truth is far more complex as your heroes get caught in the middle of a titanic struggle between the great powers of darkness in Terrinoth. If you and Terrinoth are going to survive, you’ll need to investigate the truth. 

From this opening scene, the world of Terrinoth truly unfolds through the lens of the Road to Legend app. As we discussed in our preview article of Kindred Fire, you’ll find story quests and side quests alike, each one drawing you deeper into a world of adventure and danger. Where the Rise of All Goblins mini-campaign offered you the first chance to see what Road to Legend has to offer, Kindred Fire is a full-length campaign that spans two acts and concludes with a ground-shaking finale to truly put you and your companions to the ultimate test. 

Though Kindred Fire doesn’t introduce any changes to the Road to Legend app, its very nature as a longer campaign means that you must play differently. For instance, you have a limited number of weeks between story missions, and you must choose carefully how to spend those weeks. Constantly traveling between side quests may give you the most opportunities to gain XP and gold, but you must balance that against the need to spend a week returning to the relative safety of the city of Tamalir. 

Returning to Tamalir is the only reliable way to reset your party’s morale—as we discussed above, your party has a morale value that carries over from quest to quest. Your morale is decreased by one whenever a hero is knocked out, and if a hero is knocked out while your morale is at zero, you immediately lose the current quest! Obviously, returning to the safety of the city is crucial to keeping your party in good spirits, and what’s more, the city is the only place you can spend your hard-earned gold to pick up powerful new weapons, armor, and items.

You’ll also notice that your successes or failures on your quests can have consequences that stretch beyond just that encounter. You may successfully complete a quest, but fail to kill a powerful monster. Then, your failure can come back to haunt you when you face that monster again in a later quest, in addition to the quest’s standard monsters. Terrinoth is a living world, and the overall structure of the Kindred Fire campaign shifts and adapts based on your actions.

And of course, Kindred Fire continues to build on the Road to Legend collection manager by offering new surprises and tactics based on the physical Descent expansions in your collection. Through the collection manager, you can play as any hero you own and encounter any of your monsters on the field of battle. In addition, each of the six currently released Descent expansions have a corresponding bonus quest designed to highlight that expansion’s themes, tiles, and monsters. Whether you’re gaining access to new quests and heroes, new monsters to ambush your party, or new lieutenants to invade your games, the amount of content in Kindred Fire and Road to Legend itself increases alongside your collection of physical Descent products. 

For instance, Merick Farrow features prominently in the Kindred Fire campaign. With the Merick Farrow Lieutenant Pack, you can replace the token from the Core Set with a beautifully sculpted figure, and you also unlock a new peril that can cause Merick Farrow to invade your quest, even if he wouldn’t normally appear in it!

Kindle a Flame

The world of Terrinoth has opened before you—filled with new dangers, terrifying monsters, and epic quests. Start playing the free Kindred Fire campaign today, and enter an entirely new game format for Descent: Journeys in the Dark!

You can download Road to Legend for free on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Steam. 

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