Can You Escape?

The Delve Is Now Available for Road to Legend


You’ve been drawn into a strange realm. Disconnected scenes swirl around you—one moment you stand on igneous rocks surrounded by molten lava, and in the next instant, you’re sitting in a jungle beneath the shade of towering tropical trees. These disjointed, disorienting spaces are not peaceful, however. Monsters snatch at you from the underbrush, or burst from the rock, or strike with lethal force from the shadows. If you will ever escape from this wayward dimension, you must satisfy the demands of the capricious Caretaker.

With the Road to Legend companion app for Descent: Journeys in the Dark, you’ve already entered the darkest parts of Terrinoth, playing Descent as a fully cooperative game. Two distinct campaigns have given you the freedom to play out epic stories. Now, with The Delve, you access a randomized delve mode, giving your games of Road to Legend almost unlimited replayability. The Delve is now available for in-app purchase through the Road to Legend app!

Infinite Worlds

At the beginning of a game using The Delve, you and your fellow heroes have been drawn into another world—or rather, a collection of tiny worlds. This strange place is ruled by a person known only as the Caretaker. The Caretaker will give you a series of tasks, and if you can carry them out, you’ll be rewarded with new equipment, experience, and eventual escape. The dangers you encounter along the way, however, will not be easily surmounted. 

Every time you venture into The Delve, you’ll face a series of six randomized stages. You’ll begin with two standard stages, each challenging you to complete a task, such as searching for magical objects, lighting torches, or slaying monsters. After you’ve completed these two stages, you’ll come face-to-face with a terrible villain in a boss fight stage. If you’re triumphant, the cycle repeats once more: two standard stages followed by a boss fight. Heroes fortunate enough to defeat the second boss will be freed from this strange dimension and rewarded with victory!

Functionally, The Delve works very similarly to the analog cooperative adventures previously released for Descent: Forgotten Souls, Nature’s Ire, and Dark Elements. Like those adventures, each game can be fully completed in roughly two hours and challenges you to complete a number of unique, random stages. Also like previous cooperative adventures, The Delve gives you and your fellow heroes a chance to gain more loot and unlock new abilities after every stage. Based on your performance, the Caretaker will offer you the chance to gain new weapons or purchase cards from your Class deck. This respite is short-lived, though, and you’ll soon find yourself back in another stage of The Delve, fighting for your life.

The fact that Road to Legend scales and unlocks more content based on the breadth of your Descent collection has been present since the app’s release, and The Delve is no different. All you need to play is a Descent Core Set, which opens up fifteen standard stages and five boss fights for you to enjoy in The Delve. Of course, there’s plenty of room to expand! Every Descent expansion that includes map tiles offers new stages for The Delve, and every Hero and Monster Collection increases the variety of monsters you may face within the labyrinthine worlds that compose this pocket dimension.

Unlimited Adventure

When you enter the worlds of Terrinoth through The Delve, you never know what you’ll find. There are new dangers and terrifying monsters around every corner, and you only have your own strength and the strengths of your fellow heroes to lean on. Enter The Delve through your Road to Legend app today!

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