26 January 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Make Your Name Legend

Introducing Runewars Miniatures Game Organized Play


Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce that the upcoming Runewars Miniatures Game will be fully supported within our Organized Play program!

Runewars Miniatures Game takes you to the front lines of fierce fantasy battles and puts you in command of a powerful army. The deep, tactical decisions required to succeed immerse you in Terrinoth like never before. Marshal troops, meet your foes head on, and test your tactical acumen as you prove your skills and set your name among the legends of great commanders!

Starting with launch kits in Spring 2017, Runewars Miniatures Game Organized Play will jump into select stores around the world. Shortly thereafter, escalation play will be supported with escalation kits, allowing players to slowly build to ever bigger armies. In July, 2017, this strategy-packed game will join our other Organized Play games with full-fledged support of Quarterly Kits. Finally, Runewars Miniatures Game will join the competitive scene in our Championship Series at the 2017 World Championships in November! Each type of event provides a different atmosphere and unique promotional items, giving all fans of Runewars Miniatures Game the chance to play the game beyond their own home.

Runewars: The Miniatures Game Launch Kit

Runewars Miniatures Game Organized Play begins with the Runewars Miniatures Game Launch Adventure in the Spring of 2017. This exclusive event will be held by select game stores around the world and allow participants to purchase the base game with a friend, giving them both enough material to build an army to use during the adventure. Players can play through the scenarios at their own pace, with each successive scenario determined by the outcome of the previous game. Once complete, the players will receive special promotional materials just for getting a taste of this new game!

Retailers can preorder the Runewars Miniatures Game Launch Kit now!

Escalation Kit

Following on the heels of the Runewars Miniatures Game Launch Adventure, stores will have the chance to host an Escalation Adventure, helping draw in players and kickstart their local communities with escalation play. In this format, players start with a small army, reducing the pressure of buying multiple products at the start. After each game, they add more units to their army, slowly increasing the size and power of their force. By the end, players will have a fully formed army they can use in upcoming tournaments!

Retailers can preorder the Runewars Miniatures Game Escalation Kit now!

Quarterly Kits

With the advent of the new year, all Organized Play-supported games have moved to Quarterly Kits, and Runewars Miniatures Game will be joining them in July, 2017! Stores can pre-order Runewars Miniatures Game Quarter 3 Kits in the coming months and can use them starting this summer for weekly events, larger tournaments, or however they feel best fits their local community. Quarterly Kits are the first step toward building a community, and they will be essential for any store looking to support Runewars Miniatures Game.

Championship Series

Where Quarterly Kits are the everyday resource of Organized Play and do the heavy lifting to build a community, the Championship Series offers players prominent opportunities to claim prestigious titles and win exclusive prizes. Runewars Miniatures Game’s introduction to the Championship Series will be marked later this year at the 2017 World Championships in November and the start of 2017 Store Championships a week later. If you want to play Runewars Miniatures Game more competitively, these events are not to be missed!

Prove Your Skill

We have exciting plans for Runewars Miniatures Game and its Organized Play program. Join us for the Runewars Miniatures Game Launch Adventure this Spring and be one of the first to play this fantastic game, then experience the full breadth of our Organized Play support starting in the second half of 2017. It begins in just a few, short months!

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