26 January 2017 | Runewars Miniatures

Bring Runewars to Your Store!

Pre-Order Runewars Miniatures Game Launch and Escalations Kits Now


Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce two Organized Play kits to support the release of the Runewars Miniatures Game! Launch Kits and Escalation Kits are now available for pre-order by specialty retailers. United States retailers should contact our sales team by Thursday, February 23rd 23:59 CST (Central Standard Time) to place their pre-orders for Runewars Miniatures Game Launch Kits and Escalation Kits. If you are a retailer outside of the United States, please contact your local distributor for more information on how your store can pre-order Runewars Miniatures Game Launch Kits and Escalation Kits.

Runewars Miniatures Game takes players to the front lines of fierce fantasy battles and puts them in command of a powerful armies. Players must make strategic decisions in the heat of battle while harnessing the power of mythical creatures, units, and the very runes themselves. This tactical game is a traditional miniatures game with the accessibility of a card game and is one not to miss!

Runewars Miniatures Game Launch Kit

Your first opportunity to support Runewars Miniatures Game in your store begins with the Runewars Miniatures Game Launch Kit in the Spring of 2017 alongside the game’s release. This exclusive event will encourage players to purchase a Runewars Miniatures Game core set in your store and contain unique promotional items to reward those who play the included Launch Adventure.

Download and hang the poster in your store and let players know that if they buy a Runewars Miniatures Game core set in your store, they can participate in the Launch Adventure. All they have to do is find a partner to play with in your store or at home. If they are playing with a friend, they can share one Runewars Miniatures Game core set for the Launch Adventure. After your players have completed the Launch Adventure, they can come back to you and receive exclusive promotional cards!

Escalation Kit

As a follow-up to the Runewars Miniatures Game Launch Adventure, stores can support the game with the Runewars Miniatures Game Escalation Adventure, which is a great way to draw new players to a game. The Escalation Adventure uses escalation play, a different way to play the game that invites players to grow their forces by purchasing expansions. Players start escalation play with a small army, and after each game, they can add more units and upgrades to their army, slowly increasing the size and power of their force. By the end, players will have a fully formed army they can use in upcoming tournament play!

As with the Runewars Miniatures Game Launch Adventure, players can play in your store or at home, completing all three games against the same opponent. In addition, players do not have to play each game immediately after one another, an advantage that lets games fit within a player’s schedule. After each game, players can increase the size of their army with expansions, allowing them to paint their models over time and work toward awesome promotional cards!

Build a Solid Foundation

With any new game, it’s important to build your community from the beginning. The Runewars Miniatures Game Launch Adventure and escalation play can help you do just that. United States retailers can pre-order kits now by contacting our Sales team. International retailers should contact their local distributor for more information. Don’t miss your chance to lay a foundation that will keep your community strong and thriving for years to come!

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