22 June 2016 | X-Wing

Imperial Victory on Yavin™!

A Summary of the X-Wing™ Yavin™ Open


The call went out to pilots across the galaxy: climb into your cockpit, ready your hyperdrive, and make the jump to an X-Wingevent like no other!

From June 4th through June 5th, the UK Games Expo played host to the fourth X-Wing System Open in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Travel, hotel accommodations, and entrance to the Coruscant™ Invitational at Star Wars™ Celebration 2016 in London awaited the player who claimed the title of Yavin™ Open Champion. A weekend of elite competition, meeting new players, and celebrating the awesome game of X-Wing would be the consolation prize for all other entrants.

The first day saw a total of 397 players enroll. Each pilot was on a mission to obtain at least 18 tournament points and advance to the final day. Six rounds of dogfights awaited every pilot. S-foils were locked in attack position, turrets and cannons unleashed barrages of laser fire, and many ships fell victim to expert maneuvers. Out of the field of hundreds, many skilled squad commanders rose to the challenge and emerged unscathed from battle.

Our long-range scanners confirmed that this was the largest tournament in X-Wing history!

In addition to the main event, countless players enrolled in the Hangar Bay side event. In this brand-new format, each player brings two squads and reveals them to their opponent at the start of each round. Players evaluate their opponent’s squads and then secretly choose which of their own squads to fly for the round. The Rival Rule requires that the two squads each player brings must belong to different factions, ensuring some tough choices for our pilots.

Once the dust settled on the Yavin Open’s first day, 119 players had earned at least 18 tournament points, ensuring their return on the final day to play an additional three rounds against other battle-tested pilots. After three tense rounds, the top eight competitors who proved their skill and daring advanced to single-elimination rounds.

The probability of successfully winning the Yavin Open was approximately 397 to 1. But don’t tell these eight players the odds. One of them was a mere three victories away from becoming the Yavin Open Champion.

When the final ship had been destroyed, only one pilot remained: Andrew Pattison, our Yavin Open Champion! We asked Andrew about how he had taken the steps in order to achieve victory at the event.

Why did you choose the squad you played at the Yavin Open?

Andrew: “I've been playing TIE Swarms consistently since Wave III, and with new elite talents, such as Crack Shot , now is a great time to be bringing them out again. It is certainly the type of squadron I am most used to flying, and it is what I am best at. I just love the way TIE Swarms play, with a mix of blocking and raw firepower. Not to mention, flying in formation looks pretty impressive.”

What match-up did you fear most coming into the event?

Andrew: “Double IG-88 lists scare me the most, particularly those with Advanced Sensors and Push the Limit . My blocking has no effect on those and they can often simply shrug off most of my two dice attacks.”

What was your most memorable match during the rounds before single-elimination?

Andrew: “My one loss on Day One was also one of the best games I have ever played. It was against a triple JumpMaster 5000™ list, and I lost on the last shot because I made a crucial error. That error, and some others made in that game, taught me what I needed to know to beat similar lists four times the following day.”

What ships are you hoping will win for each faction’s online voting, because you will have to fly them at the Coruscant Invitational?

Andrew: “I’m really hoping for the [TIE] Punisher, HWK-290, and StarViper, because they are traditionally very under-utilised ships. It will be an interesting list building challenge to make something out of them, and it will be good to show the world what they can really do. The HWK-290 in particular is a favourite of the 186th Squadron (my gaming club), so we are all hoping to see a lot of those.”

Any advice for aspiring players who will want to fly your squad at their local events and maybe win some prizes from the X-Wing Spring 2016 Tournament Kit?

Andrew: “Honestly, you have to have quite a bit of practice to get the most out of a [TIE] Swarm like this. You need to have a plan going into every game and be very precise in your setup and movements. You need to learn to predict your opponent's moves with a high degree of accuracy so that you can block them. They may be cheap, but your Academy Pilots  are the most valuable tools in your squad. Finally, always remember, your overconfidence is your weakness—you have never won a game with TIEs until the last green dice has been rolled!”

Andrew Pattison's Winning Squad List

We will see how Andrew fares next month at the Coruscant Invitational during Star Wars Celebration 2016. The last competitor to join that field of eight will be determined at the Lothal™ Open in Germany beginning June 25th.

If you are unable to attend a System Open, you can still have a voice in the Coruscant Invitational! Vote to select the ship from each faction that those eight elite players will have to incorporate into their faction squads. Each round of voting also gives you the opportunity to be chosen to receive an exclusive X-Wing System Open Series prize!

Keep your eyes on the X-Wing System Open site, as we’ll continue posting updates on each System Open as the Coruscant Invitational draws closer.

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