18 March 2016 | X-Wing

Influence the Vote

Help Decide the Voting Bracket for Each Faction


Voting for the initial round has closed. We will be notifying the senders of our favorite #XWingVote pictures shortly. Keep your eyes on our website for the next round, coming soon!

Players and fans of X-Wing™! Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce that Coruscant™ Invitational voting is now open!

The X-Wing™ System Open Series and the Coruscant Invitational

The X-Wing System Open Series is a group of eight large, never-before-seen events across America and Europe this spring and early summer designed to celebrate the game and its players. Open to anyone interested in attending, these events will feature exclusive prizes, a new side event format, and the chance for eight lucky players to attend the Coruscant Invitational at Star Wars™ Celebration 2016!

Vote for Your Favorite Ships

Starting today, you can vote on which ship each player at the Coruscant Invitational must include in their squad list for each faction. For the initial round of voting, you can vote as many times as you want. When we close the first round on April 6th, the top eight ships for each faction will be placed in a bracket, seeded by the number of votes they received in the initial round.

Tweet Your #XWingVote Picture

We want you to show us how you envision the battles playing out at the Coruscant Invitational! Take a picture with your ship models, and tweet it with the #XWingVote hashtag. Will they be dodging asteroids, or boosting just out of range? Have they rolled all critical hits, or accumulated too much stress to count?

After the votes have been tallied for this round, we will select some of our favorite battle pictures, and reach out to those players to send them an exclusive System Open Series prize—a bag of beautiful acrylic shield tokens!

Vote Now

Select one ship for each faction.

Have Your Voice Heard

Whether you’re able to attend an X-Wing System Open event or not, you can help decide how the Coruscant Invitational plays out. Vote now to help your favorite ships win, and then tweet us your picture of your ships with #XWingVote for a chance to receive System Open spoils!

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