27 January 2016 | X-Wing

System Open Spoils

The System Open Series Prizes for Star Wars™: X-Wing™


In this article, you will see all of the awesome and amazing prizes that will be awarded at the 2016 X-WingSystem Open Series events! Be sure to read all about the structure of each System Open in the Open Briefing article.

Main Event Prizes

Every single participant in the main event will receive their very own movie still alternate art BB-8™ promo card!

As you can see, BB-8 has his rules text printed in the language of Star Wars™—Aurebesh. For those novice pilots who have not had the pleasure of flying with this remarkable droid by their side, here is his English printed text:

Barrel rolling before moving to avoid an obstacle or an enemy is one of the most rewarding actions for a pilot, and now your best Rebel Alliance or Resistance pilot can do exactly that with this movie still alternate art BB-8!

All players who advance to the final day of competition in the main event (remember, you will need 18 or more tournament points over the six rounds on the initial day) will be rewarded with this prize:

Ten acrylic shield tokens will protect your ships from enemy fire. When you start each game and power up your shields with these upgraded acrylic tokens, your opponent will know that they are facing an ace.

These players will also receive the top prize from the Hangar Bay side event, detailed in the Hangar Bay section later in this article.

The top 32 players after the final day’s three rounds will each receive a premium prize that players have been waiting for:

These are the range rulers you are looking for! A set of acrylic range 1 and 2 rulers will allow you to measure exact distances to take your best shots. They are also very convenient for the initial deployment of obstacles and ships.

For the top 8 players who participate in the single-elimination bracket, this prize is sure to move you:

Acrylic movement templates in the same design scheme as the range rulers from above will let your ships fly in style.

For those who win the first round of single-elimination, we would like you to play on this:

An exclusive starfield playmat featuring the X-Wing logo and System Open corners! The next time an opponent is about to lay out their playmat, be sure to tell them to keep theirs rolled up. You have something better.

The main event also awards this trophy and plaque to the winner and runner-up, respectively, to commemorate their performances:


In addition to the BB-8 card, the shield tokens, the Hangar Bay top prize, the range 1 and 2 rulers, the movement templates, the playmat, and the trophy, the champion of each main event wins a priceless opportunity!

Each System Open champion will receive travel, hotel accommodations, and a three-day badge for Star Wars™ Celebration 2016 in London, to play in the Coruscant Invitational! All of the details about the Coruscant Invitational and additional prizes can be found on the Coruscant™ Invitational spotlight page!

Hangar Bay Side Event Prizes

Make sure to read all about the fun, new Hangar Bay format in the Open Briefing article. Once you ready both of your squads, here is the preview of the prize you’ll receive based on how many tournament points you accumulate after three rounds:


What looks like two cards is actually just one card! It is, however, two prizes!

This is the very first double-sided regular size pilot card in X-Wing history. Not only that, this card featuring Blue Squadron Novice and Epsilon Squadron Pilot has gorgeous full frame art on both sides.

But, did we mention that this is two prizes? In addition to the printed version, players who manage to win all three rounds of a Hangar Bay side event will win a visually stunning plastic version of this card featuring spot glossing to highlight the ships. These are also the very first plastic cards available for X-Wing.

Each round you will accumulate 5 tournament points for a win, 3 points for a modified win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss. All participants in each Hanger Bay side event receive one copy of the printed card. After all three rounds, the prizes will be handed out according to this chart:

6-11 Tournament Points = 1 additional copy of the printed card

12-15 Tournament Points = 1 additional copy of the printed card, 1 copy of the plastic card

To the Victor…

Be sure to read up on the structure of the System Open events in the Open Briefing so you know what your mission is to capture these prizes! If you prepare and hone your skills, you might find yourself in the middle of Star Wars™ Celebration 2016 flying against the best pilots the galaxy has to offer at the Coruscant Invitational!

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