27 January 2016 | X-Wing

Open Briefing

The System Open Series Structure for Star Wars: X-Wing


Welcome to your mission briefing, pilots! Below you will find all of the information to prepare your squadrons for this incredible series of events.

The X-WingSystem Open Series encompasses eight events around the world. Each will crown an elite main event Champion, who will be assigned to the ultimate mission—the Coruscant™ Invitational, where fame and The Greatest Prize in Gaming™ await the victor.

The System Opens

Each of the eight System Opens will consist of two components:

  • The Main Event, which takes place over two or three days
  • The Hangar Bay Side Event(s), scheduled alongside the main event

The Main Event

Each X-Wing System Open features a main event that is split into two segments—the initial day and the final day. Some System Open events have a duplicate initial day to allow for increased participation. Importantly, players cannot enter both initial days under any circumstances.

On the initial day(s) of the main event, players will compete in six rounds, accumulating tournament points according to the chart below (from the X-Wing tournament rules):

  • Win = 5 tournament points
  • Modified Win = 3 tournament points
  • Draw = 1 tournament point
  • Loss = 0 tournament points

After six rounds, players who have accumulated 18 or more tournament points will advance to the final day. On the final day, all of those players will compete in three more rounds of play. The top 8 players by overall record will then be placed in a single-elimination bracket. After three rounds of single-elimination, the Champion will be crowned and invited to the Coruscant Invitational!

There is an entire page dedicated to the details of Coruscant Invitational, located here.

The Hangar Bay Side Event(s)

During each System Open Series event, at least one Hangar Bay side event will be scheduled.

The Hangar Bay format is a brand new way to display even more of your collection, broaden your expertise, and destroy your enemies!

To play these Hangar Bay side events, you will need to bring two standard squads that follow the 100-point maximum. These squads will use the same damage deck and obstacles. For the 2016 System Open Series events, we will also be using the Rival Rule: your two squads must belong to different factions.

Hangar Bay format rounds each begin by placing your first squad on your left, and your second squad on your right. After evaluating your opponent’s squads, both of you will secretly select which squad to field for this round by using a maneuver dial.  Rotate to a 1-speed maneuver to select your first squad on your left, or a 2-speed maneuver to select your second squad on your right, and then place your maneuver dial facedown. Next, each player reveals their dial simultaneously, and removes their unselected squad from the table.

Players normally make all of the decisions about what ships they will deploy for each game before they even come to the tournament. But with the Hangar Bay format, players get to experience that strategic excitement prior to each round of play!

Each Hangar Bay side event will last for three rounds of play.


The prizes for the System Open events are incredible and prestigious components and trophies to forever commemorate your harrowing mission. Not to mention, the System Open winners will receive travel, hotel accommodations, and a 3-day badge for Star Wars™ Celebration 2016 in London to compete in the Coruscant Invitational!

The prizes are so incredible, we gave them their own article! Click here to read all about them.

Vote With The Galaxy

Even if you cannot attend a System Open event, you can still get in on the action! Throughout the System Open Series, everyone will be able to vote on the ships that we will see the champions piloting at the Coruscant Invitational!

Click here to visit our voting page, where you can vote for your favorite ships from each faction!

Remember to fly casual, and may the Force be with you!

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