27 January 2016 | X-Wing

Cast Your Vote

Affect the Outcome of the Coruscant Invitational


The X-WingSystem Open Series and its epic finale, the Coruscant™ Invitational, are set to be some of the biggest X-Wing events in 2016, and you can help determine how it plays out!

While we hope you are able to attend one of the System Opens and win exclusive prizes, we know that not everyone can. To make sure you can still play a role in these spectacular events, we will be hosting a series of voting rounds over the next couple of months. The results of the voting will shape the action that takes place at the Coruscant Invitational during Star Wars™ Celebration 2016, and you have a chance to help determine how it plays out!

Help Make History

The Coruscant Invitational is the culmination of the System Open Series, created to celebrate the game of X-Wing and the amazing community that surrounds the game. The winners from each System Open will play in a round-robin tournament, using squads from each of the game’s three factions. These players will be competing for eternal glory and the chance to help design a card that will be released in X-Wing’s future, but how they win will be determined by you!

Starting in March, 2016, you will have the opportunity to vote between different ships within each faction over the course of several rounds. When the dust settles, the ship that has won the most votes within each faction will be required in each of the eight competitors’ squad lists, fueling innovation and rewarding players who adapt to playing new lists.

Stay Tuned

March is a month for brackets and is not far away. Stay tuned over the coming weeks and months to the System Open Series website for updates, and prepare to cast your vote to decide the fate of the Coruscant Invitational!

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