27 January 2016 | X-Wing

The X-Wing™ System Open Series

Take Part in the Biggest X-Wing™ Event To Date!

IMAGINE: You strap yourself into the cockpit of your X-wing. As you turn to exit the hangar bay, klaxons blare and a series of red and blue lights pulse their warnings. "Imperial fighters in sector 48!" Your heart is racing. Then you get the signal from the flight crew. You hit the thruster, and you're chasing your wingmates through the clouds and into the starry darkness of space. For one second, it's the way you always felt flying should be. But then you see the activity on your scanners. And then the ships—hundreds of them, maybe even thousands. You open fire. Your squadmates open fire. The enemy opens fire. And everything erupts into streaks of light and explosions…

This spring, join us for the biggest and most exciting X-Wing event to date!

Running from March 31st through June, the X-Wing System Open Series is your chance to charge full-throttle into the year's most exciting Star Wars dogfights. Eight events. Eight nations. Many starships will fall. Eight aces will emerge as champions. And those champions will win transportation, hotel accommodation, and entry to the eight-player Coruscant Invitational taking place within the sold-out 2016 Star Wars Celebration in London, England!

Watch our X-Wing System Open Series video to learn more!

Fly with the Aces

Each event in the X-Wing System Open Series culminates in an unparalleled test of X-Wing skill—a massive tournament open to all comers and spread out over the course of two or three days. Eight tournaments in eight regions will yield eight aces. And each of these eight tournament champions will qualify for a unique Star Wars and X-Wing experience.

Each Open champion will receive a ticket to the sold-out 2016 Star Wars Celebration in London, England, and entry to the exclusive, eight-player Coruscant Invitational. In this final event, no one can rely upon just one squadron. Instead, the aces will need to demonstrate their ability to fly squadrons from all three of the game's factions.

In the end, this one-of-a-kind X-Wing tournament will provide a uniquely rounded champion, and that champion's legacy will become one with the game!

Eight Events. Eight Nations.

The 2016 X-Wing System Open Series runs from March through June. Each of its eight thrilling events is scheduled to run multiple days and is designed to welcome players of all skill and experience levels. If you love flying your miniature starships into battle, these are the events for you!

  • Hoth – Schaumburg, IL USA (March 31st – April 3rd)
  • Naboo – Copenhagen, Denmark (June 11th – June 12th)
  • Lothal – Stuttgart, Germany (June 25th – June 26th)
  • Tatooine – Madrid, Spain (June 11th – 12th)
  • Kashyyyk – Italy (June 18th – June 19th)
  • Endor – Warsaw, Poland (April 30th – May 2nd)
  • Jakku – Cusset, France (April 30th – May 1st)
  • Yavin – Birmingham, United Kingdom (June 3rd – June 5th)

Be a Part of Something Bigger

"All wings report in."
     –Red Leader

Things just keep getting better for fans of Star Wars and the X-Wing Miniatures Game!

We have a new chapter in the ongoing Star Wars saga. We get to follow the early movements of the Galactic Civil War in Star Wars Rebels. Both the show and the movie give us new ships. Rogue One is scheduled for release later in the year. And now you can follow your love of starfighter battles and the Star Wars galaxy one more step with the X-Wing System Open Series.

Assemble your squad and make your plans to join the galaxy's greatest dogfights!

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