16 June 2016 | Warhammer Quest

Witch Hunter and Troll Slayer

New Heroes for Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game

There were rumors that Schompf's citizens had been burning heretics to rid their town of an unexplained illness. According to the rumors, the purge had not proven successful, and the illness persisted. The Witch Hunter tapped the pistol at her side. Clearly, more heretics would have to burn…

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of two new hero packs for Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game!

The troubles in Schompf have lured many of the Old World's most recognizable heroes deep into the maw of a deadly series of mysteries. At times, some of these heroes have returned from their subterranean adventures to share tales of labyrinthine caverns and ferocious battles. They have been assaulted by Ratmen and Orcs. They've stumbled into traps. Many have fallen.

Still, the town of Schompf lies at the edge of a tide of evils that, if left unchecked, threatens to surge aboveground and crash upon all in its path. Fortunately, with the Witch Hunter Expansion Pack and Troll Slayer Expansion Pack, you and your friends can now delve into the dark and cleanse the caverns with two new heroes, each of which adds an all-new play style to your games and a new dynamic to your group.

Witch Hunter Expansion Pack

“The test is simple: if he does not burn, he is a witch. If he does burn, then he was an innocent.”
     –Matthias Krieger

Witch Hunters will travel far and wide to hunt down and destroy the forces of evil. Their pursuit is utterly relentless, and they will do whatever they must in order to eliminate the evils they encounter—even if that means they suffer a few innocent casualties.

The Witch Hunter Expansion Pack allows you to enjoy your Old World dungeon adventures as one of these grim and resolved holy warriors. You'll find everything you need to add the Witch Hunter to your games of Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, including three hero cards, eight actions, and three items. Taken as a whole, these emphasize the Witch Hunter's unfaltering dedication to her mission and lead toward a unique play style built around her unwavering pursuit of evil.

This new play style is a bit more nuanced than those found in the base game, challenging you to plan your actions several rounds in advance. Like Pronounce Judgment and Reload,  each of the Witch Hunter's actions grant bonuses based on the number of other action cards the Witch Hunter has already exhausted. Accordingly, you'll need to consider not just which action is most effective at the moment you want to use it, but which secondary benefit will be most beneficial in one or two rounds.

Meanwhile, even though it's said that the Witch Hunter's two greatest weapons are her pious devotion and suspicious nature, her Dual Pistols aren't bad either. Given the Witch Hunter's ability to perform Ranged attacks and to target multiple enemies if she attacks after exhausting one or more other action cards, the fact that her Dual Pistols deal an extra damage to each enemy that suffers at least one damage means they could allow the Witch Hunter to deal as many as four extra points of damage—divided between four targets. It's not remotely an improbable scenario, etiher, but it's one that if you play a Witch Hunter you must choose to work toward.

Troll Slayer Expansion Pack

“Let my orange crest stand testament to my shame. Let all foes behold it and know fear, for I have none remaining.”
     –Kurgi Balginson

If the Witch Hunter's nuanced and layered play style sounds like too much for a given night, there's always the Troll Slayer. These savage Dwarf fighters seek glorious death in battle to make up for some great shame in their past. As a result, they routinely seek combat with the most dangerous monsters they can find.

There's nothing subtle about the Troll Slayer Expansion Pack. It's just a giant heap of fearless, axe-wielding, battlecry-screaming, death-dealing Dwarf. The Troll Slayer's three hero cards, eight actions, and three legendary gear cards are all aimed squarely at leaping into the thick of combat, unarmored, and cutting down your foes.

Meanwhile, to say that the Troll Slayer isn't subtle doesn't mean that you won't still have plenty of choices to make while you play one. After all, you're taking on the role of a fighter who likes to charge to the front lines completely unarmored. Thus, without armor to serve as your defense, you need to get greater bang for your offense. Fortunately, as with Dragon Slayer and Stand Aside, every single one of your action cards offers a nice reward for engaging and confronting your enemies.

Then, since you're bound to be engaged with enemies as often as possible, you'll likely be glad to find Me Father's Axe as soon as possible—in order to shorten the amount of time it takes to hack those foes into pieces. Even then, you'll still have a hand free, and you'll almost certainly want to get that one on Me Father's Other Axe.  Equipped with both axes and an Ancestral Charm,  your Troll Slayer will be well and truly outfitted to charge forward at every turn, no matter what dangers he may uncover.

New Adventures in the Old World

Whether you return to Schompf or fight your way through the unending caverns of the Lost in the Dark scenario, the new play styles permitted by the Witch Hunter Expansion Pack and Troll Slayer Expansion Pack ensure that you and your friends will enjoy games worthy of legend. Just be sure to pack your axe and pistols; the Old World contains more than enough danger for everyone…

The Witch Hunter Expansion Pack and Troll Slayer Expansion Pack are available now. Pick up your copies today!

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