Battle of the Trident

Influence the Fate of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game


A Game of Thrones: The Card Game invites you to pledge your loyalty to one of eight houses and stake your claim to the Iron Throne. How you blaze your path to the throne is up to you, be it through military might with swords drawn, from pulling the hidden strings of intrigue, or by making a play for power.

The Battle of the Trident is a special opportunity to rise to the challenges of your opponents and offers another choice to its combatants. The outcome of the Battle of the Trident will not only further your campaign to sit atop the Iron Throne, but will also play a part in deciding the fate of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game.

Decide the Game’s Path

The Trident is a massive river flowing through Westeros, which branches into three forks. Each fork leads to a different destination, and it is that decision which will prove most crucial. Cast your vote for which fork will be followed and which of three Agenda cards will be published in a future expansion.

The Blue Fork, named for the purity of its waters, is a vote for the Knights of the Realm. The knights of the Seven Kingdoms come together under the banner of this agenda, which allows a player to include Knight characters from multiple factions in his or her deck.

The Red Fork, representing the blood of armies spilled on the battlefield, is a vote for A Call to Arms. The time for talk is over. Now it comes to war! The Army characters of multiple Great Houses and factions become the most prominent figures in The Game of Thrones when they combine their forces under this agenda.

The Green Fork, filled with mossy swamps, is a vote for The Conclave of the maesters. Is a maester loyal to his House, or do his loyalties lie with the Citadel? This agenda brings the Maesters of Westeros from multiple factions together in the pursuit of a unified cause.

While the exact game text of these Agenda cards has yet to be revealed, they will each have a significant impact on the environment of competition. When a player signs up for the tournament in-store, they will also check one of three boxes next to their name, to cast a vote for their favorite potential Agenda.

Those players who sign up and compete in a Battle of the Trident tournament will also receive a special promotional alternate art card. Summons is a Plot card that allows you to find the right character at the right time and is a likely inclusion in any future deck that features the winning Agenda cards.

This concise tournament will only last until there is no more than one undefeated player. At the end, the winner will be crowned—using tiebreakers if necessary—and he or she shall claim their spoils. A beautiful playmat with a grand view of The Red Keep is awarded to the winner, along with a greater influence on the voting results. The winner’s chosen Agenda card will receive an additional ten votes attributed to it.

All voting results will then be reported by the retailer’s organizer—at the website address included in the event outline—by Tuesday, December 13th. However, all players will have another chance to influence the outcome of the votes through retweeting on Twitter.

Vote From Home

On Thursday, November 10th, three unique tweets will be posted to the Fantasy Flight Games Twitter accounts, @FFGames and @FFGOP. Each tweet will mention a specific agenda, and retweeting one of them will contribute to the overall voting. For every five retweets we receive for a particular agenda, that agenda will receive an additional vote.

On Wednesday, November 16th, all retweets will be counted and combined with the votes from the in-store events. The tweet with the most retweets will also reward its agenda with an additional 50 votes, and the second-place tweet will reward its agenda with an additional 25 votes.

On Tuesday, December 20th, the voting totals will be announced, and we will crown the winning Agenda card. The Trident’s Fork will have been chosen by you, the community of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game fans and players, and will be published in an upcoming expansion.

Join an Epic Battle!

Will you find yourself atop the standings when the Battle of the Trident concludes at your favorite local store? Be sure to remind your favorite specialty retailer to preorder the Store Championship Kit for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game by May 17th. It includes promotional cards from the 2016 A Game of Thrones: The Card Game World Championship for hosting a casual celebration event during the FFG World Championships (November 2nd-6th), the materials for the Battle of the Trident (November 12th or 13th), and prizes and instructions for their A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Store Championship (sometime between November 14th and February 28th).
(Note: Due to international kit availability, some retail stores outside of the United States may host their Battle of the Trident event later, through December 11th.)

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