12 May 2016 | X-Wing

Imperial Victory on Jakku!

A Summary of the X-Wing™ Jakku™ Open


The call went out to pilots across the galaxy: climb into your cockpit, ready your hyperdrive, and make the jump to an X-Wingevent like no other!

From April 30th through May 1st, the Generations Star Wars™ and Science Fiction Conviction played host to one of the eight events in the X-Wing System Open Series in the small town of Cusset, France. Travel, hotel accommodations, and entrance to the Coruscant™ Invitational at Star Wars Celebration 2016 in London awaited the player who claimed the title of Jakku™ Open Champion. A weekend of elite competition, meeting new players, and celebrating the awesome game of X-Wing would be the consolation prize for all other entrants.

The initial day of Swiss rounds saw a total of 111 players enroll. Each pilot was on a mission to obtain at least 18 tournament points and advance to the final day. Six rounds of dogfights awaited every pilot. S-foils were locked in attack position, turrets and cannons unleashed barrages of laser fire, and many ships fell victim to expert maneuvers. Out of the field of pilots, many skilled squad commanders rose to the challenge and emerged unscathed from battle.

Our long-range scanners were able to capture an interesting piece of information about the ships competitors chose to deploy for the Jakku Open: 14 T-70 X-Wings were sighted in battle, providing The Resistance with more firepower than their enemies had expected.

In addition to the main event, there were many players enrolled in the Hangar Bay side event! In this brand-new format, each player brings two squads and reveals them to their opponent at the start of each round. Players evaluate their opponent’s squads and then secretly choose which of their own squads to fly for the round. The Rival Rule requires that the two squads each player brings must belong to different factions, ensuring some tough choices for our pilots.

Once the dust settled on the Jakku Open’s first day, 38 players had earned at least 18 tournament points, ensuring their return on the final day to play an additional three rounds against other battle-tested pilots. After three tense rounds, the top eight competitors who proved their skill and daring advanced to single-elimination rounds.

The probability of successfully winning the Jakku Open was approximately 111 to 1. But don’t tell these eight players the odds. One of them was a mere three victories away from claiming the title of Open Champion and joining Ryan Fleming at the Coruscant Invitational.

When the final ship had been destroyed, only one pilot remained: Fernando de la Torre Pascual, our Jakku Open Champion! We asked Fernando about how he had taken the steps in order to achieve victory at the event.

Why did you choose the squad you played at the Jakku Open?

Fernando: “Well, this list is an evolution of my first option of list. I enjoy playing Aces, so my first option was Whisper, The Inquisitor, and Omicron/Palpatine, but the Monday before the tournament I lost the games because of Whisper mistakes. So I decided to play Soontir. He´s my favorite ace since wave II. The Wednesday before the tournament after playing, I decided to add Proton Rockets to The Inquisitor for the extra damage. And last, but not least, I decided to go with a 2-point bid on initiative.

I knew that the current meta was full of Jumpmaster 5000™s after seeing Roanoke Regionals and the Hoth Open, so [my] best option was Imperial Aces.”

What match-up did you fear most coming into the event?

Fernando: “Since I discarded bringing Capt. Yorr, I was worried about a list that could give me lots of stress tokens.

Any list with Stressbot, Chopper, or Tactician with high initiative…

I hoped to see Paul Heaver´s list but I didn’t see any.”

What was your most memorable match during the rounds before single-elimination?

Fernando: “Against Franck Beaujot that put me up against Chopper with Autoblaster Turret, Gold Squadron with Twin Laser Turret, [BTL-A4 Y-wing] title, and R3-A2, and Wes Janson with Veteran Instincts and BB-8. I loved the list as [soon as] I saw it, and I thought I was going to lose. But my good luck and my gambit on the Gold Squadron pilot paid off. Memorable match!”

What ships are you hoping will win for each faction’s online voting, because you will have to fly them at the Coruscant Invitational?

Fernando: “Since I know the community... They pray to see some of the most forgotten ships in the game, how they behave with good players and if they are competitive too.

SCUM: It´s going to be M3-A Interceptor.

REBELS: I hope to see the Shuttle but if I should bet, my pick is X-wing T-65.

EMPIRE: Again my hopes are on the VT-49, one of my favorites (last year I got very good results with it), but I think it´s going to be the Firespray-31.”

Any advice for aspiring players who will want to fly your squad at their local events and maybe win some prizes from the X-Wing Spring 2016 Tournament Kit?

Fernando: “Fly very conservative, try to take advantage in the first round of combat at Range 3, then try to get the Shuttle in the middle of the combat to get extra firepower and cause some bumps. Use Proton Rockets to get rid of an important ship, and then let Soontir [Fel] and The Inquisitor do their job.”

Fernando de la Torre Pascual’s Winning Squad List

We will see how Fernando fares in July at the Coruscant Invitational during Star Wars Celebration 2016. The next competitor to join that field of eight will be determined at the Yavin™ Open in Birmingham, England, beginning June 4th.

If you are unable to attend a System Open, you can still have a voice in the Coruscant Invitational! Vote to select the ship from each faction that those eight elite players will have to incorporate into their faction squads. Each round of voting also gives you the opportunity to be chosen to receive an exclusive X-Wing System Open Series prize!

Keep your eyes on the X-Wing System Open site, as we’ll continue posting updates on each System Open as they happen and the Coruscant Invitational draws closer.

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