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Four Game of Thrones Playmats Are Now Available


“Power resides where men believe it resides.”
–Varys, Game of Thrones

Are you ready to enter the unpredictable, deadly power struggles for the Iron Throne? Four Game of Thrones playmats are now available through Fantasy Flight Games in-house manufacturing!

Represent your faction in style as you battle to decide the fate of Westeros. Now, you can tell any opponent where your loyalties truly lie as you unroll your playmat before you do battle. Each of these four natural rubber playmats features the sigil of a Great House from HBO’s enormously popular Game of Thrones series. Protect your cards from drinks or sticky surfaces and simultaneously intimidate your rivals with your might. Whether you prefer to take the field of battle and lead from the front, or you work in the shadows to bring about the downfall of your enemies, these Game of Thrones playmats can serve you well.

Head north to Winterfell with the House Stark Playmat. The Starks are cold, but honorable, and with this playmat as the foundation of your strategy, everyone will know you intend to enforce justice in Westeros.

Embrace your inner schemer when you display the House Lannister Playmat! Featuring the rampant lion of House Lannister, this playmat provides a stylish and unforgettable place to store your cards, your gold, and your power. 

Fire and blood! Fly the banner of the three-headed dragon with this House Targaryen Playmat, and take up arms with Daenerys Targaryen as you return to Westeros at the head of your armies and other characters. 

The rose of House Tyrell may seem innocent, but thorns lurk just out of sight. Keep your armies and your strategy growing strong when you play your games on the House Tyrell Playmat and make your bid to become the power behind the throne. 

You Win or You Die

Four natural rubber playmats, each measuring 24” by 14”, invite you to fly the colors of some of the greatest Houses in Game of Thrones. Which faction will you support, and who will you see placed upon the Iron Throne? Order your Game of Thrones playmats through Fantasy Flight Games's in-house manufacturing today. 

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