23 March 2021 | Fantasy Flight Supply

What was Old is New!

The Fantasy Flight Games Center Becomes Gamezenter!


Today, we at FFG are happy to announce that the retail-food-and-event location known as the Fantasy Flight Games Center has been acquired by Gamezenter, Inc. This is a new name with old roots; for the people behind the new Gamezenter were some of the original founders, owners, and staff of Fantasy Flight Games and the creators of the original Game Center. 

Gamezenter is a new company owned by investment and holding company Strange Stars, LLC. Christian T. Petersen, principal investor and managing partner of Strange Stars, founded the game-publisher Fantasy Flight Games in 1995 and launched the Fantasy Flight Games Center in 2009.

"I'm very excited to continue my involvement with this special place," said Petersen. "Despite the devastation that COVID-19 has wracked upon our world and on many tabletop game retailers, I strongly believe that our tabletop gaming community is eager to again share great gaming experiences face-to-face. We hope to make this destination an even more amazing place in the future."

"We're delighted to have struck a deal to return this wonderful place back into the caring hands of its original founder," said Lorenzo Bassi, SVP of Finance, Operations, and Shared Services for Asmodee North America. "As neighbors and gamers, we cannot wait to see what Gamezenter has in store for us”.

According to Petersen, after a COVID season of community darkness––Gamezenter is ready to expand its business in proportion to vaccination roll-outs. Being mindful of customer safety concerns, it keeps PPE supplies handy and uses its copious space to safely distance gaming tables. It is excited to have reopened its kitchen and has returned to its traditional late-evening hours that encourage play and a pint. In addition, Gamezenter has expanded into the world of e-commerce and will soon be offering a varied collection of rare games from the strange and murky past of FFG.  

Curious readers can click to www.gamezenter.com to see what it is all about!

We at FFG hope that you’ll give the fine folks at Gamezenter a visit if you’re able to visit the Twin Cities area. If you’re local, what are you waiting for? Swing on by and give it a try!

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