FFG Live in February

Take a Look at Upcoming FFG Livestreams


February may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s still packed with plenty of amazing new video content coming from FFG Live! We stream every Tuesday and Thursday on Twitch at 1:00 PM Central Time—and our videos are always archived on YouTube for easy watching afterwards. Read on to get a look at our schedule and learn more about what’s coming next from Fantasy Flight Games.

The month starts off hot on February 4 with the announcement of the next Marvel Champions: The Card Game Hero Pack! Every new Hero Pack brings a new superhero springing into action, and this month, we’ll be discussing the next hero with designer Caleb Grace.

Though we normally stream every Tuesday and Thursday, there’s no show on February 6—because we’re gearing up for a full weekend of the only game that matters, A Game of Thrones: The Card Game! It’s the final World Championship for the A Game of Thrones LCG from February 7–9, and we’ll be streaming all three days to bring you the best matches we can find with top-notch commentary.

After that, we’re back with the latest news on Star Wars™: Legion on February 11. We’ve got four new expansions to announce and discuss with designer Alex Davy and sculptor Cory DeVore, with some amazing new options for the Galactic Republic and Separatist Alliance, so you’ll want to be sure you tune in.

We start our journey to Arkham on February 13 as we play a game of last year’s Arkham Horror: Final Hour, taking our investigators to Miskatonic University campus and racing to stop an Ancient One from breaking free. Then, the Arkham talk continues on February 18 with an Arkham Horror: The Card Game AMA with designers Matt Newman and Jeremy Zwirn! We’ll be drawing questions from this forum thread during the AMA (as well as answering live questions in the chat), so head over to the forums and get your Arkham Horror: The Card Game questions in now.

On February 20, we move from the bleak and sinister gables of Arkham to the irradiated Wasteland of Fallout: The Board Game! We have a special upgrade pack to announce, and we’ll reveal it for the first time on this stream.

February 25 takes FFG Live back to a galaxy far, far away with some Star Wars™: X-Wing gameplay, featuring the new cards and pilots from the Hotshots and Aces Reinforcements Pack!

And finally, to close out the month on February 27, we’re welcoming back Brad Andres and Danny Schaefer to show off two decks from the brand-new Mass Mutation set. We’ll play a game, and then give these decks away to two lucky viewers, so if you’re a KeyForge fan, you’ll definitely want to come and watch.

Join us on our Twitch channel for FFG Live every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 PM Central Time, or check out our Youtube page for all our latest videos. Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss a new video or livestream—we hope to see you there!

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