17 June 2015 | BattleLore

Charge into Battle!

BattleLore: Command for iOS and Android Is On Sale!


Muster your armies, stake out your position, and charge into the fray! BattleLore: Command  for iOS and Android is now on sale at the price of $3.99! 

Based on the hit board game BattleLore Second Edition, BattleLore: Command offers you the chance to lead fantastical armies in intense tactical combat scenarios. The single-player campaign places you in charge of the noble Daqan army as they defend their homeland against the invasion of the ravaging, bloodthirsty hordes of the Uthuk Y’llan. In multiplayer, you can command an army of either Daqan or Uthuk Y’llan units and wage war against opponents from anywhere in the world. Both the iOS and Android versions feature intuitive touch-screen controls, cross-platform online multiplayer, and a 360º zoom view that allows you to see the battlefield from almost any perspective. 

Fearless Warriors and Ferocious Invaders

The land of Terrinoth has long flourished in peace, its people making a living from farming, herding, and hunting. Now, the Uthuk Y’llan, a vicious, demon-blooded people from the desert wastelands, have sent their savage forces to invade, occupy, and lay waste to Terrinoth. The single-player campaign of BattleLore: Command puts you in charge of fighting against this terrible Uthuk Y’llan invasion. You’ll have to keep them from burning villages, stealing powerful magics, and conquering important fortresses if you want to win. As you prove your skills as a commander, more forces will come to fight under your banner, until you can field an army of not just infantry, archers, and cavalry, but even enchanted stone Rune Golems and giant, soaring raptors. 

Multiplayer mode lets you undertake vicious tactical duels against an online opponent from anywhere in the world. For every battle you’ll select a challenging scenario, determine how much you and your opponent can spend to muster your forces, and choose a faction. When you advance in the campaign, you can also unlock powerful new units for your multiplayer battles, such as the formidable and swashbuckling Baron of Kell or the brutal demon, Ravos the Ever-Hungry.

You can add even more new units to your armies with the Locust expansion, now available for in-app purchase. The Locust expansion introduces select units from Hernfar Guardians and Warband of Scorn to the game, opens up five new maps for your player vs. player battles and gives you command of the Uthuk Y'llan in a savage mini-campaign to undermine the Daqan war effort.

Join In the Action

BattleLore: Command isn’t just a digital strategy game; It also provides an excellent gateway into the tabletop action. With the new forces of Hernfar Guardians and Warband of Scorn having just taken the field, ferocious reinforcements like the Razorwings and Mountain Giant coming soon, and the Undead faction on the way, there has never been a better time to get into BattleLore Second Edition. No matter what your level of strategic skill or your favorite tactics may be, whether you prefer tabletop, desktop or mobile gaming, you’ll find a vast and engaging and combat experience in BattleLore

Download BattleLore: Command from iTunes or Google Play today!

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